1358 days without sex.....

Have just read an article in yesterday's Times - extract from a book written by a woman and her efforts to break her 'streak' of 1358 days without sex...... very funny read, painfully funny in places and I had a rueful smile at some of it.

I have no intentions of getting anywhere near her record, but she's an attractive woman and it kind of worries me that she didn't manage to trap for nearly 4 years!!!

So, gentlemen, what's your theory that explains her lack of success?!!!

(could have put this in the Lonely hearts thread, but the NAAFI's more fun! :D )
antphilip said:
Need a picture and more info to judge. Perhaps her nether regions smell pungently of fish?
I don't smell of fish Ant xxxx :wink:
Lippy said:
Careful fish-head, there could be a trial to prove you guilty 8)
"The truth, you want the truth????"

Bring it on lippy!
Well...methinks she is obviously an Army wife. That being the case,she is probably..Nay,definately pig ugly! Cos' ALL army wives are!!
Not to mention the clothes they wear.....tight black leggings that were once clean!! And the regulation t.shirt soaked in kids urine and puke!!
Greasy,service issue hairdo and flip flops!!
Sound familiar married army types???
It should do.....i just described your Mrs!!
That is the reason she can't score!!
But,having said that,there must be one of you ready to give her one.Cos' same applies to you lot.....pig ugly and desperate!!!!! :lol: :lol:
Pump ladder wrote @ 27 Aug 2004 01:41
This will be the last post I will be writing on this site.
More lies from the wannabe paratrooper then.

Even your fireman pals think you are tool, yet you still comeback here to show us how poorly you spell and fail to be able to form the most simple of sentences.

Do stay, now that Blondebint has gone we have a vacancy for 'Site cnut' you fit the required criteria.....

Tell us all why you find it necessary to have Firey, Per Ardua and now pump ladder as identities....... or should I answer for you? Is it because each time you open your mouth you embarrass yourself and you fellow firemen?
Too gutless, thick and poor to form a response.

No wonder your kids think you are a loser

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