1358 days without sex.....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Prodigal, Aug 29, 2004.

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  1. Have just read an article in yesterday's Times - extract from a book written by a woman and her efforts to break her 'streak' of 1358 days without sex...... very funny read, painfully funny in places and I had a rueful smile at some of it.

    I have no intentions of getting anywhere near her record, but she's an attractive woman and it kind of worries me that she didn't manage to trap for nearly 4 years!!!

    So, gentlemen, what's your theory that explains her lack of success?!!!

    (could have put this in the Lonely hearts thread, but the NAAFI's more fun! :D )
  2. Need a picture and more info to judge. Perhaps her nether regions smell pungently of fish?
  3. I don't smell of fish Ant xxxx :wink:
  4. Nothing to do with her looks, she's a very attractive brunette with a nice smile. And as for the other, I doubt it somehow...
  5. Any clues on the title of the book so we can judge for ourselves?
  6. That's not what MDN says......


  7. Lesbian. Definately a lesbian.
  8. Maybe she has fat fingers and can do a better job herself?

  9. Are you sure that's a woman... like the rest of 'her' family... I have my doubts about their gender and/or claim to be part of the human species.
  10. Who smells of me? I wasn't there I didn't do it!
  11. Careful fish-head, there could be a trial to prove you guilty 8)
  12. Maybe Prodigal saw a different picture? Still, can't see quite how that'd work

    :lol: :lol:
  13. "The truth, you want the truth????"

    Bring it on lippy!