135 Litre Bergen?

Has anyone ever been issued a 135 litre capacity Bergen? Just came over this whilst perusing around on waltbay, fella listing it claims it in "Shortback" config, being a fella who flogs kit myself the only 135 litre capacity one I've been across is the sh*t one by Web-Tex; their "Ultimax" Bergen which I've used myself and only lasted a few days before it fell to pieces, and this one doesn't look like one of them

British Army Bergen 135ltr | eBay

Looks to be just the standard Infantry issue one...
GIven the Issue Bergan is 125 litres I'd guess this is just a typo.
not sure if the SF medic bergen (6 external pouches ) plus space for 3 rocket pouches and air mesh back panel all add up to 145ltrs may be
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