132 BTY, 39 REGT - UN Tour 1996

Hello there,

Not a regular contributor to the Gunner forum, but as TA Inf I did an S Type in Cyprus June - Dec 1996 and I'm just coming on here to see if there's anyone who might remember me!! I was at UN54 Mojave, about 3 km west of Ledra. Names I remember are Spliff, Gnr Evans(Evo), Gnr Hayward(H) Bom Taylor, L/Bom Wood(Woody) - had a real fit missus and he knew it - top fella!! Sgt Brown(saw him on Telic 2) Franny Crawford(saw him at Catterick a few months back). Would love to know what became of some of those mentioned and, if I've forgotten your name, just remind me and I'm sure I'll remember you!!

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