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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jacko1981, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. Anyone in 131 Ind Commando Sq based in Birmingham?

    Thinking about popping down for a chat next week as i'm looking at different units that are close to me..

    If anyone's got any info on what they get up to, how often they meet up on weekly and weekend meets, recent tours, possible upcoming tours etc etc it'd be nice to find out. Just wanna know the general craic really.... Gracias.

  2. What they get upto? Providing support to 24 Cdo Regiment RE I'd imagine, they're engineers so demolitions, field fortifications, counter-mobility stuff, bridging things etc.

    But also Commando, so persumably extremely fit (to pass the Cdo Course), socials will probably end up naked and playing such classics as 'Quick Draw'. tours again, they'll follow 3 Commando Brigade deployments so there's one coming up soon (March, i think).

    Hopefully someone from 131 posts on here and will be able to answer your questions more specifically.
  3. not sure if 3 bde are up for a tour in march, they only got back in may
  4. A very good unit.It was formerly an Independent Para Sqn in the old days.Usually has Regular seniors and is part of 23 Cdo Engr Reg.Good chance of going on Ops too.It's one TA unit that seems well trained and well equipped.