131 or 266 Commando?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by ian7675, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Evening everyone,

    I'm an ex regular soldier (Infantry) and I've been out a few years now and I'm looking at joining a TA unit in the very near future. The two I am interested in at the moment are 131 Independent Commando RE in Bath or possibly 266 Commando RA in Bristol.

    I have been looking/searching for information but most of the posts or info is a couple of years old so I was hoping that maybe someone from either of these units might contact me and tell me a little bit about them before I make contact with the units themselves.

    Neither of them are especially local to me so I've chosen units from a fairly wide area from where I live (Gloucestershire). I've chosen the Commando path as I like to push myself and either one is different from the Infantry route I originally took. My concern is I'm now 33 and too old for the RMR so would I be still be okay for the others?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.

  2. Given both are Commando roled, you'll have to go through the Commando course anyway, so why not reconsider RMR? The Arty and Engineer jobs are very different to Infantry.

    Bristol RMR have a top OC as well.
  3. I did look into it but I'm too old now, I think their cut off is 30 and I'm now 33.

  4. Did you actually speak to anyone?

    Given you're ex Reg Inf I'd be slightly surprised...
  5. I have previously spoken to someone a while back and I was told that they were not only fully manned but it would be only in exceptional circumstances that someone would be allowed to join over the age so that was the end of that I'm afraid.
  6. I just had a look at the website and the upper age limit is 32 at commencement of training and I'll be 34 this summer unfortunately. Besides I was hoping to steer away from the Infantry side of things and be part of a different role.

    It's interesting to see that I'm too old for the RMR but still "young" enough for the Special Forces reserve.
  7. Okey doke, good luck.
  8. 131 sounds like what you are after then. I have no experience with either Unit but artillery is essentially 'big gun' infantry.
  9. X59

    X59 LE

    Don't know about these days, but 131 always had a good rep with the regular Squadron.
  10. Never had anything to do 266 but have come accross plenty of 131 in my time and they have all been, without exception, cracking blokes. Possibly not very helpful I know.