131 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers (V)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Woodsey, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. Are any current or ex-members on here?

    I'm still thinking hard on joining the Squadron but need persuading further otherwise it's RMR.


  2. Woodsey, what Troop you considering, I know a few of the Plymouth lads. I'm ex 59 if thats any help.
  3. Well I'm 31 now and a plumbing/heating engineer

    ...so wanna go in 131 Ind. Cdo. Sqn RE (TA Volunteers, part time) in Kingsbury, North West London

    I was a Nod at Lympstone on 2 seperate occasions as a kid but failed to pass out, always eats at me.

    What's the role like? How is it different from RM AE?
  4. 99.9% need no apply hey, go RMR my mate loves it, he's always down Poole pissing about on the water.
  5. Mate, I admire your sentiment, but if you want to be a Booty, go RMR. Even as a Cdo Sapper you'll do very little HVAC. The role is probably along the lines of combat engineering alongside other combat engineers or engr support to Coys of Royal. The job spec would probably be along the lines of eod, bridging, mine-warfare, water supply, field defences and then trade. Current ops might lay a different aspect of each role on the day to day job but it's going to be there or thereabouts.

    Can't really comment on the role of AEs RM but I'd expect it to be lots of making stuff and lots of blowing other stuff up.

    Google will probably be your bezzer here, or a trip to your local RN/Army CIOs, for the gen buzz.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I did hear though that I'm right on the edge of entry requirements being 31 though for the RMR and I'm still waiting for a slipped disc in my lower back to heal which means I can't apply immediately :-(
  7. X59

    X59 LE

    Best of luck with a slipped disk at CTC.

    Madness to consider being a combat engineer.

    Bridge builds are a ball breaker at the best of times, but it's route 1 to the med centre with your circumstances.

    Take the easy route and go RM.
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  8. Thanks for the advice, the slipped disc is healing, once my core strength's back up, it won't happen again
  9. Can you make a full recovery with a prolapsed disc?
  10. Doctors say yes, I just have a mild slipped disc
  11. Well, time has marched on, I'm 32, the mild slipped disc has healed and good old muscle memory has kicked in from my previous RM basic training and I'm piling on the muscle. I just looked at entry requirements for the TA and it says officer 35 upon entry and soldier/sapper upto 43! Surely that can't be so for 131 can it???
  12. Quite right; not much between SAS (R) and the AGC, really.

  13. Shut up, fuckwit.

    "TA is TA" = fuckwit comment.