131 Independent Commando Squadron RE (V)

I have done 6 years of TA with a desk bound company, trade was interesting but I am now looking for something a bit more physically challenging whilst still performing a trade.

Before I phone up, can any one with experience of 131 help with these questions?

1) Which bits of engineering does the London troop specialise in?

2) Do I need to offer any trade like skills to be of use to the troop, or can the trade skills be taught?

3) What, in order, are the priorities of the troop? MATTS/Bounty, Engineering or Commando training/upkeep?. please don't say MATTS/Bounty

4) What is the general age of the troop? I am 33.

Thanks for any answers.

On the off chance you haven't found an answer to this elsewhere:

1. London is HQ and Support Tp, so all the RE support type trades. POMs, C3S, Drivers, also REME LAD, AGC, CMTs etc... London also maintains a section of Cbt Engineers. Pretty much you've got all the options in London.

2. You'll be taught it unless you want to be REME, in which case I think you need to know the basics of the internal combustion engine.

3. As a trained soldier you're priority will be Cdo Training. Once you've earned your green lid you'll need to get qualified in trade (assuming you aren't transferring with something directly applicable). When that's cracked the Sqn training program alternates between Cdo type stuff and Engineering stuff.

4. We just had one Sapper pass the Cdo Cse at 39. He's a bit of an exception, but plenty of people join the sqn in their late 20s/early 30s. You certainly won't stand out on age, and are highly unlikely to be the oldest person in training.

Best bet is to rock up on a Tuesday night for a look at the Sqn, or give them a call. Details here:

Don't worry, the small of penis will be along very soon in order to demonstrate how small their pensises are. The ad hom and insults will give it away.

Good luck with the training.

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