131 cdo RE?

I've heard that 131 cdo RE are starting a troop in Bath. Reliable source, but has anybody else heard similar? Have scoured the internet but not found anything.
According to Annex A of the TA Rebalancing Document dated 23 Mar 06 (Available on ArmyNet) Det 2 of 131 Cdo Sqn RE will be based in Bath.

Hope that helps.
Thanks P-P, Army net is a bit of an enigma to me! Is it going to be a re-role of an existing unit? Or will they be trying to steal blokes from existing RE units and recruit new? Not really familiar with the inner workings of the TA, but they are going to need NCO's etc. Worked with 131 on tours, great bunch of blokes.
The new 2 Det is down on the list as being a freshly formed unit and there are no RE units in Bath at present. The Present 2 Det is located in Hull and is re-roleing to 299 Para Sqn, part of 72 Engr Regt.

So it looks like a vary steep learning curve for a new RE unit as any engineer will tell you, even just for Field Engineering there's a hell of a lot to learn from scratch, add to that the requirement to 'badge' and you've got quite a work load before the unit is FFR. Just hope they are as good at work & play as the rest of 131.
I would imagine there would be some interest from some of the lads at the R Mons who would need to do the TA all arms course -2 weeks I think?, I believe a few live in the Bath/Bristol area and they would get a 59 regular SSM ( I think) Some of the old 59ers in the area may also dust off their lids. Is there any info on dates?

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