13 year olds on ARRSE acceptable?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Candida, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Why is the required age for membership on ARRSE 13 years old or over?
    This is an appallingly low age of admission for this site.
    Please review it. Many thanks.
  2. BB - Do one luv will you.

    Who are you to order the owners of the site around?

    The age requirement is probably in accordance with industry laws etc - and don't you think a PARENT should be more responsible for what their little kiddies are up to on the internet.

    There are parental controls you know they can use.

    Now fcuk off you high and mighty cnut.
  3. We’re all quite polite and friendly compared to most 13yr olds.

    You wouldn’t happen to be Lawstudent/Yannie/Codename/Trillian by any chance?
    You sound like that retard Sara.
  4. Moodybitch
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    1541 posts of dullardy in just one year. Wow!
    13 year olds should not be accepted into arrse membership with all the base adult material posted.
    Back to the naafi with you Mbitch.
  5. Perchance because that is the age at which children start at the ACF? :roll:

    And if there was a 'NO ADMITTANCE IF UNDER THE AGE OF 18' on the ‘door’, would that stop anyone younger from sneaking a peek? Yeah, of course it would... :roll:
  6. I see that was probably the thinking behind it when the site was young Dozy.
    But the content is such that makes the site unsuitable for those at least under 16.
    Children sneaking a peak is one thing but accepting children into membership is quite another, and wholly irresponsible.
    It's just something that needs to be loooked at again now that the site has developed.
  7. Taken from another thread.

    By your own admission you’re a troll. :twisted:
  8. Yes indeed....


    ...the horrors, the horrors....
  9. Children lie about their age to get onto porn sites, they’ll lie about their age to get on here if they wanted to.
    It’s up to the parents to take responsibility for what web sites their children view.

    Why don’t you go hug a tree ya hippy!!.
  10. I read this somewhere....can't remember where....

    Words spoken in haste and all that...
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    1541 posts of dullardy? I don't recall much (if any) in the way of cut'n'paste shoite a la Law Student. I do recall lots that made me laugh nearly out loud. Dullardy I think not.

    Trollism, definitely not.

    Unlike your self-admitted behaviour.

    This train set belongs to the CO's, they let us play with it. They, in fact decide (along with the MODs) who gets to play with it.

    If you want to play with their train set accept the rules. If not go play in a minefield.
  12. Who is that minging trout on the previous page? Yuk! Is that your idea of a joke D_D? I ws eating!
  13. Candida albicans- A type of yeast(lower order of creation) present on the mucous membranes (gastro-intestinal,genito-urinary) of the body that can cause the irritating disorder known as "THRUSH".I invite you to draw your own conclusions :twisted:
  14. This Candida bird really grips my sh*t. Who the fcuk does she think she is?
  15. Read arrsepedia on the username BB - Its the same person - and reviled by everyone on Arrse.