13-Year-Old Walt?!

Me I'm outraged grrrrrrrrrrrr


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Haven't you got anything better to do with your time?
Do me a favour and slap yourself in the face for even starting this thread.
Where is he pretending to be anything he's not?

You can't call him a walt for having somewhat off-beat opinions, and wanting to join the American armed forces. If he really is 13, I'm sure he'll grow up and change his mind.
So why is he a 13 year old Walt, is he only 10 years old, has he got fake acne and stuck on pubic hair???Ok you can have the OUTRAGE tricycle for this outing.
Feck it! I missed the outrage moped...what did I miss?


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Feck it! I missed the outrage moped...what did I miss?
Only the OP getting a fuck-off tablet from us, and then throwing his teddy from the pram.
OK just had to explain i hadn't been on disturbing internet sites to a mate at work when he saw in my emails I had.......... Mr Fingerz 13 year old WALT........luckily I proved that Mr Fingerz had just posted a reply on this thread and I hadn't been using dodgy web sites jarrod had given me.


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TheIron, you just made me giggle łike a schoolgirl.


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What on earth is this about?
This post is useless without pics! So the OP took down a picture of what? A 13 year old boy's pink starfish? Was he grooming him for further service or what? Inquiring minds would like to know. :?

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