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13-Year-Old Walt?!

Where is he pretending to be anything he's not?

You can't call him a walt for having somewhat off-beat opinions, and wanting to join the American armed forces. If he really is 13, I'm sure he'll grow up and change his mind.
So why is he a 13 year old Walt, is he only 10 years old, has he got fake acne and stuck on pubic hair???Ok you can have the OUTRAGE tricycle for this outing.
OK just had to explain i hadn't been on disturbing internet sites to a mate at work when he saw in my emails I had.......... Mr Fingerz 13 year old WALT........luckily I proved that Mr Fingerz had just posted a reply on this thread and I hadn't been using dodgy web sites jarrod had given me.
This post is useless without pics! So the OP took down a picture of what? A 13 year old boy's pink starfish? Was he grooming him for further service or what? Inquiring minds would like to know. :?

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