13 Signals Regiment

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Jim_Research, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. Anyone who ever served (had a holiday camp tour) in the former 13 Signals Regiment or its several scattered sub units might be interested to know of the Birgelen Veterans Association, look at: Home page
    Facebook also features a 13 Signals Regiment page
  2. The former Mercury Bks is now longer recognisable. New houses have been built on the site and there is even a golf course. Virtually everything has been torn down with the exception of parts of the perimeter fence.
  3. Yeah, I know! The ops block is now the golf club clubhouse. The BVA maintain links with the local town Wassenberg and a former member lives there too - Wassenberg that is, not the golf club. The BVA's charitable efforts extend to providing funds to help a very unwell local German lad.
  4. Well thanks for the flashbacks guys.

    I thought I had succesfully expunged any memory of my detties course and Grobbendonk.

    But no you lot had to bring it back up again.

    Actually I had a good time. Was the only visit to 13 Sigs ever though.