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Discussion in 'RLC' started by DOGLIPS, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. I was somewhat frustrated yesterday to here a couple of friends, who I have not seen for a number of years, cursing what many consider to be the finest Regiment within the Corp. The chat centred on, as always, the lack of para trained personnel within the Regiment. Why are we still getting this wrong? I appreciate that we unlike other more fortunate Regiments within the Brigade operate usually on a 36-month tour of duty. This tends to result in para trained members leaving the Regt at a bit of a loose end to push on and further their careers.
    The Regiment is highly regarded within a multi cap badge environment as a no nonsense Regiment who are accomplished in providing effective Logistic support at a drop of a hat. The bad press it receives more often than not, originates from other less glamorous rubber wheeled regiments within the Corp!! Why this is the case? Is unbeknown to me.
    I hear the Airborne ethos is slowly being outlawed within the ranks of the Regiment as it slips day by day into 13LSR…If it continues in this vain the guys may as well revert to black berets. Not forgetting it was our forefathers who planted the seeds to select appropriate individuals to serve within 63 Sqn and alike for a reason. If you have an eye for the pies and have no intention in attempting P Coy then opt for one of the many other good Squadrons within the Corp. What do you think? That is not to say that the Regiment has not got some bloody good screamers in it, because it has! through one reason or another mostly down to injury they have failed the course. Fit blokes with good chat and pleny to bring to the party.
    Let the banter begin...............
  2. So what exactly are you trying to say? and the berets are blue by the way!!
  3. Firmly sitting in the HAT camp (and the pie was nice too :wink: ) I can see your point. The role undertaken by 13 is unique, and therefore the ethos and standards expected from individuals are understandably higher. I do not particulary hanker after a nice maroon bonnet complete with wings, however, I certainly would not slag off anyone for having completed the courses successfully. As for the sad gits within conventional LSRs who have chips on their shoulders and opinions to air, they might spend better time putting their own houses in order rather than slinging stones.

    Discuss... :wink:
  4. blue shmue....what i'm trying to say in the most polite way is for blokes to stop highlighting on their PPP 63 Sqn, if they have no intention in attempting P Coy. They should stick to sniffing diesel,playing golf or hiding behing a desk at the slightest wif of PT. It's all to easy to use"where too busy to do PT".
  5. Blue, black, tomato, tommato. Think you are missing the point. The point that is trying to be made, i belive, is that why do the rest of the RLC seem to think that 13 Regt is just like any other mainstream LSR Regt. The simple fact is that it isnt. There is a lot of people out there that do not understand the job the Regt carries out, especially the Airborne role, its not all about badges and berets, it is about the calibre of soldier that volenteers to do the job, and to earn the badges they are rightfully very proud of. To do the job requires a certain type of person and this is what the Regt requires, not people who have no interest in doing anything other than bieng a civvie in green kit. Crisis management of the highest order.
  6. If you do the course,wear the badge with pride (if you choose to) but be prepared to do the job!!
    You critise others, claiming they want nothing more than to be civvy`s in green kit. Then complain about the "other mainstream RLC Regiments" seemingly thinking that 13 Regt is just like them. So what you are saying is, you like to give but not take?

  7. Once again the point has been missed, at no point did i complain about other mainstream Regiments, i simply said that 13 Regiment is not one and the slackness of your reply has just proved the lack of understanding that the majority of people have about the role of the Regiment. It is not an LSR type Regiment and people that want to go to one should "Steer Away" from it. People that go there with no intention of joining "The Brotherhood" are just taking up slots that good quality blokes could be posted into. I have also not forgotten where i came from and when i feel the need to get back to patch painting drops and the like i will no doubt go back to it.

    Brew and a bifta anyone? :D
  8. MMMMMMMMMMM. This is going to get tasty.
  9. See your point DL, however like it or not 13 are an LSR. The Bdes role has changed significantly since the breakup of the Warsaw Pact, hence more helicopters than chutes! Apart from the silvers stars, really what place do parachutists have in the RLC, there are jobs which definately do need them, PF, SRR etc, but really 13 and 63 are just loggies like the rest of us, wings or not.
  10. Again a lack of understanding of the role of the Regiment and Brigade. Whilst the British Army maintains and Airborne capability it will also need Airborne Logistics, as well as Engineers, Signals, Etc. Pray tell who would carry out the re supply tasks of the Parachute Regiment as part of th ABTF/LPBG ? Should they just jump in themselves? i think not.
  12. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    So I can contribute to this debate can I ask one or two questions.

    1. It is my understanding that there are only a limited number of Para trained personnel within the Regiment due to the limited role and that they were required to establish an APOE to allow more normal supply routes to take over.

    2. Also the roles within the regiment closely mirror those within an LSR ie Tpt supply LSDs Fuel rats ect. So most of the Core Corps processes should be extremely similar. As most stocks of SEESUPs and GS/ES materiel have been reduced than both organisations should carry similar stock levels, DOS and availability rates (albeit different configurations).

    Any guidance on these points to allow me to contribute to the debate will be greatly received.

    However my initial thoughts are we are a Technical Corps (don’t laugh REME’s) and our role is to sustain our dependency in the field to the parameters set within regulations/SUSTAT.
  13. Mirkin you Disappoint me! The regiment is an air assault regiment! But of course I’m sure you already knew that. At a junior level the average Pte soldier is trained in a vast spectrum of weapon systems ranging from .50 to 51 to mention a few. He is also competent in rigging under slung loads to a variety of Support Helicopters.
    Currently the Regiment is in southern Afghanistan working like monsters, as there is very little road moves. As such the re-supply is coming in via SH, and it is the Pte soldiers of 13AA who responsible for this.
    In addition to this they are providing Force Protection to Line infantry regiments using .50 mounted to WIMIK’s. L/Cpl’s are in the main Landing point commanders, and Section commanders HHI’s and HAI’s. This bolted to the fact they can insert if needed into the hard to reach regions of southern Afghanistan by LLP is in my books a little more adventurous than the average tom from an LSR who has difficulty getting out of his divan and falling into his boots of a morning.

    Fair one........but they're not parachuting!
  14. If I may run a story by you all,

    Aldershot was the home of the british army and legendary for being full of paras all fighting drinking and womanising, terrorrising the town etc etc etc, the civilian population and anyone except paras wanted them out, so they leave and low and behold the civilian population and all who ousted them dream of having them back as they realise what they were and what they did etc etc etc.

    Now 13 is a new breed and undenaibly we could not contnue in the vain that was 5 AB Bde where it was 'pass P coy or youre not getting a decent CR' but 13 has a reputation, as do Airborne forces worldwide, I would be very careful about trying to destroy that unit, there seems to be a bit of a conspiracy going on to make the badged blokes little, which is fine if you are that sad that it makes you feel good about getting one up etc perhaps it pay back for years of being called a crap hat and possibly having your mum / bird nailed by one of us, but rest assured if you remove the paratrooper and his ethos / mentality to work / ops then you will all suffer as the british armys reputation will be slightly weaker. Its nice to have someone to take the piss out of for being thick/ shaping a beret like a flat cap / wearing the allyist kit and its also nice to cut about with wings on your arm and a maroon lid etc. So dont poke the bars and we wont bite your faces off

    To all the guys in 13 regt, go on you, if you have done p-coy then you should be rightfully proud and if you havent well dont worry about it just dont slag or degrade those who have sweated blood to pass. Be happy with who and what you are and if you are a big fat harry then thats cool.
  15. when was the last time that the paras were used in the airborne role? wasnt it suez? if so how can we justify keeping them as paras?