13 kids taken into care

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_n_fat, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. A glowing argument for compulsory sterilisation or even cheaper.... a bullet in the back of the head. It does make me despair when I read this sort of thing, this country really has to sort itself out :evil:
  2. Jeez if you think thats bad you should've seen the trolls pushing prams in redditch tesco that I saw last night. I thought surely there isn't enough lager in the world that could that could convince a male of any species to breed with what I saw! (shudders at the mental image..)

    Then again conception could've involved the ol' turkey baster.
  3. Ot they could have done it doggy style . Works for me :lol:
  4. You are looking at this all wrong, this trout is providing a service. There are good normal people who for some reason cannot have children............... well now they can have hers! She gets f uck all from the state and nice people can have families. And they all live happily ever after!
  5. Every sperm is sacred... every sperm is great!

    Sterilise the bitch and harvest her offspring for organs... I could use a new liver!
  6. Except half of them have had a chromosomal defect!!

    "Four of them were found to have a rare and degenerative condition, which has a genetic link, after birth. One of those has since died."

    Easy solution, put her on the jab, if she doesn't get jabbed she doesn't get benefits...simples
  7. Well at least they aren't scroungers. :roll:

    Edited for mong smiley drills.
  8. As far as i'm concerned, the blokes that got her up the duff need a medal if they were not suffering from some sort of vision impairment, or better still, a fcuking good kicking. Wizards sleeve? More like feeding a tic tac to a whale.
  9. It's okay for you chaps, but a girl like that is the only way mongs like me get a f**k
  10. Childhood poem...The Woman Who Lived in a Shoe..

    "There once was a woman who lived in a shoe,

    She had so many children.............................

    ..................................Her Uterus dropped out" :D
  11. Useless waste of space, a piece of scum that breeds and there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be disappeared. A product of Labour's social experiment.
  12. [/b]

    Fuck all from state???

    They get£1100 a month benefits, no tax, no rent, no council tax. Bastards get more than me and I EARN a fucking living. this country is fucked up.
  13. After dropping 13 sprogs, I had thought she would be more of a heffermuntertrog! I would say I'd do her, but I've no the gerth of a mature Scots pine to touch the sides!!!
  14. It wouldn't matter if you were hung like John Holmes mate. You would still have to tie a plank to your arrse with this one. She would make the Blackwall Tunnel look like a virgins clack.