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13 July: 5 x French soldiers KIA in Kapisa Province (RC-E)

The deceased have been identified as a LT and a WO from the HALO Pn of the 1er RCP, a WO and another soldier (name witheld at family request) from the 17 RGP (ABN Engineer) and a Cpl from the Army photographic unit.



Book Reviewer
A sad Bastille Day for five families and for their regiment ......rest in peace Soldats de France.

La route est dure, la vie est morne.
Mon âme est sûre d'aucune borne.
Que dois-je faire avec ma vie
Quand toute la terre s'est endurcie?

Les mains se tendent de tous côtés
Les chaînes sont lourdes, puis-je les ôter?
Un seul pas contre la tyrannie;
Une raison d'être dans toute ma vie.

La route est dure mais je suis forte.
Mon âme est sûre, la peur est morte.
Je sais quoi faire avec la vie
Quand toute la terre sera affranchie
A sad Bastille Day for five families and for their regiment ......rest in peace Soldats de France.
"Goatman", thank you for your kind words. Our media has led with this by-line this morning, making for a very sad Bastille Day, overshadowing our celebrations. Yet again these unnecessary deaths have cause divisions in our media, sensationalism at its worst. Many around us saying these brave men died for France and the cause of freedom, whilst the ultra left-wing is saying they died for nothing.

I am certain that you feel for us as we feel for you on such occasions - a tragic loss of life.

Be blessed

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