13 Iraqis protesters killed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sugar_Junkie, Apr 29, 2003.

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  1. well, if someone does end up in court, all they have to do is watch the film "rules of engagement" and play it by ear.
  2. SJ,

    that's the first thing that I thought when the news was confirmed.

    I heard on the radio this morning that Arab sources had stated 10+ civilians had been killed, but the British media said this was unlikely to have been true, as the Americans had made no announcement about it!
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Say what you like about the Septics, at least they don't have politicians who hate - or at the least despise - the Armed Forces like most of ours do.  The ghost of CND runs deep in British politics, and most of the present Govt were young students in the 70's and no doubt some were involved in 'troops out' and the like.

    Now, if it was the Iranians in there, and they (Shias) had caused the deaths of 13 Sunnis, and S Arabia complained...

    Ain't religion a wonderful thing :-/
  4. Just like to say how free the Iraqis must feel now, they were promised just this. To be able to express their veiws in the streets of THEIR country, to be able to protest without fear. And now they can do this they will be gunned down in the street. Coalition democracy at its best NOT!!!
  5. Nice to see NIMN coming out of the woodwork to chuck his/her two-pennyworth in.

    As far as i can see Iraqis have been able to express thier views in the street. In fact the report on the BBC on this incident showed Iraqs protesting at the same school where the shooting occured last night.

    The very fact that they can go out and express their views is something that has been denied to them until recently.

    NIMN how about some positive posts in the future?
  6. I thought that Bill Clinton wrote a letter from Oxford stating he despised the US armed forces.

    I'm sure that lots of the current Bush regime, and its camp followers, appreciate the importance of the US armed forces, but not too many of them appear to have been conscripted during time of war. (Colin Powell's service noted.)
  7. ging-gwar

    Soz its been a while but things to do people to see, so come on then lets hear the positives from this episode, is it that 13 kids are without their mothers fathers, or visa versa, this should be a good one. and whats the point in being able to protest if when you do you get shot, and you thought Saddam was bad pmsl.
  8. a very bad episode in this conflict. Nothing you, I or anyone here can do to change what has happened.

    Iraqis can go out and protest! Workers at Basra went on strike because of pay cuts! They can do it when they please. When did Saddam allow this to happen? How many Iraqis have been shot for protesting by allied forces? how many incidents have happened before this? Why let facts get in the way of a good post?

    why do you try to score points from suffering and create discord through your posts?

    NOBODY condones shooting innocent civilians on this site. Has not the british army conducted itself well in the eyes of the world? Has its Officers and Soldiers not carried out their tasks in a humane and just manner?

    Your concern is not of the people of Iraq, all you are after is ammunition to fire at people whos ideals and morals differ from your own.

    why come here and ply your anti-establishment views to an audience who largely are an institution of the establishment?

    Nobody takes anything you say to heart. Nobody
  9. Well said, that man....


  10. here they go again:

    US troops open fire in Falouja
    (Filed: 30/04/2003)

    American soldiers have opened fire on a crowd in Falouja for the second time in just over a day.

    Locals are reporting that at least one person has been killed in the incident and a hospital official said that two men had died.

    The crowd were out protest at the deaths of 13 in the town yesterday who were shot when US forces shot into the a group of demonstrators.

    Today's protest took place outside a US command post. Some demonstrators threw stones at the convoy who responded by shooting into the crowd.

    Some people said that four people had been killed in the gunfire, al-Jazeera television reported that two had died.

  11. msr

    msr LE

  12. Sorry BlondeBint and Flash
    Posts removed, because I'd like to keep this on topic and seriously discussed.

    NIMN , please try and keep on topic. Your feelings are well known, and provide material for discussion (or ridicule,depending on standpoint) , but the usual diatribe about how bad people are, isn't really contributing


  13. msr

    I wonder how difficult it was for the Guardian to be so positive about our Armed Forces?  Some of its readers, the Islington Elite, may have choked on the breakfast reading such a thing.
  14. Right

    So we're all clear on this. Posts have been removed. Not because I have a personal axe to grind with certain posters, but because this is starting to wander all over the place , like a 3 legged cat.

    The discussion is about the 13+ Iraqi protestors killed over a 2 day period.

    It is NOT about spouting political rhetoric, it is not about listing Saddams crimes, it is not about Blue on Blues.

    It is however, about cause and effect and what it may bode for the future. Theories and predictions are welcome, even your own ideas as to how to sort this out but,

    Please , do not hijack threads  for the dissemination of political rhetoric or ill-informed views. It just turns into a slanging match, and people get wound up.

    Please stay on topic, I hate to have to move promising threads into the Naafi bar, for no other reason than people get the arrse with each other.

    Lastly, I do not remove posts, because I disagree with your views.