13 Air Assualt

Hi, dont know if i have the right section here, but!!!!!

i just found out im on my jolly travels to colchester 13 AA has any one got any news on what the place is like, the work is like, the area is like and more important what the quarters are like. many thanks :)
colchester is mega, the super duper garrison is massive and needs a map, dunno about the pads if they are like they were 7yrs ago there ok verging on rubbish, depending on your standards
my standards aint that great to be honest, its more the wife. thats why im hopin for a bit of a review on here so i can avoid the drive to opposite ends off the country to keep someone happy lol but if im gettin info on the quarters then i might as well get info on all the aspects instead of just one part
i was there only monday, on a short course, there has been alot of new builds gone up and there are some nice lookig houses around the camp weather they are pads or not i dunno, but when i was there last i.e. posted the pads were ok bit small an looked all trhe same but they seemed to be ok. hope i helped ya buddy.

ps you love colly on the piss, speacial castle park
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