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13 Air Assault Regt RLC

I am due posting in the next 6 months and was thinking about putting 13 Regt as a choice. Could any arrsers give me a heads up on whether it is a good career move work wise or is it all phys first trade second. What are the facilities on camp an local area like, and what is the accommodation like for Jnco's (singlie).


Can anyone provide me with any info on this unit. There has been over 100 views on my post but no replies. Need to submit my PPP this week and would appreciate any info.

MQs are pretty rubbish down in Colchester, worst Ive seen in 20 years. Colchesters had a re-vamp with the singlies accomodation and I belive 13 AASR are now all in new one man rooms in the new accomodation. Most of the Garrison is new and should be in new working buildings by mid 08. Most of the Brigade will be away on Herrick 8 next March and currently doing OPTAG trg. Fitness is one of the biggest things in the Brigade and most days you see all units doing tabs and runs. Saying that if your a driver then you should be doing plenty of tasks down here.
Colchester night life is good, plenty of pubs and clubs and restaurants down town. Seen better but not that bad a place.

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