13 air assault colchester

Discussion in 'REME' started by nezmanc, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Just got my posting to 13aa,im a VM, anyone know any info on the unit and info on the single living accomodation. Plus i want to do p/coy, any ideas on how soon this can be done? cheers
  2. Left that place earlier this year, t'was the worst posting of my time.

    However, the OC & ASM are being replaced before xmas so hopefully the new 1 & 2 should bring morale on a bit.

    Be prepared to work hard, then even harder (whilst the trogs get their well deserved weds sports afternoon).

    CO's PT every friday from 1130-1330.

    The regt are currently taking over Z-type in the new garrison build but I'm unsure whether the LAD will be joining them.

    To sum up; the regt do not look after their REME contingent.
  3. cheers for the reply, sounds like loads of fun then
  4. I too left 13 AA a while back, and i totaly agree with mad-ferret. Just hope things change before you get there mate. Its a long way from 10Airborne.
  5. Been there, done that, yes it was SH!TE!!

    Supposed to be getting better now, shouldn't take long to do p coy if you are fit.

    A long, long way from 10 AB!
  6. by this ,and since i left ther way back-pre 1988 can one assume you boys are talking of what was 8 field wksp?