13/18 Hussars LAD

Discussion in 'REME' started by ianr, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know these guys , Terry (baggy) English, Bill Coady and Eric (the red) Taylor.
    I was Inst Tech in Herford 83 - 86.
    Will always remember the RSM Harry Cross.
  2. Joined 13/18 in 1987, D Sqn, can't remember if those were still around.
  3. I remember "Baggy" at 13/18 H. He was the HQ VM Staffy. He was still there in 87/88 when the 16/5L took over.
    Remember "Herr Flick" the ASM as he was nicknamed by the 16/5L, threw a track when the lads took the piss during a skit on Aliwell day. Threatened them with law suit for that one, was told to wind his neck in by CO.
  4. Ian R - were you posted to Hannover before 13/18H?
  5. Hi I know them all and you I am Del Griffiths tech storeman in the Lad
  6. Yep, remember you all. I am Gaz W****rs. The reprobate who turned up at unit on a sports afternoon and sorted all my own accomadation and admin out as no-one was expecting me. Didn't report to LAD and ASM until Friday as I was sobering up on Thursday having been out down town with some of the regiment lads (Casper, Tex to mention a few). Didn't go down well apparently and I got beasted by PTI, provost and PTI again just for good measure. Herr Flick struck again!!!
  7. Yes, remember them well, I have no idea where any of them are now, sadly, Bill suffered an afwul tragedy if my memory serves me right, and I think it does.

    Taff H (Clerk)
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  8. That will be Del who eventually enjoyed running!
  9. Hi Taff your right I was still running untill a few years ago but knees and Ankles can not tkae the pounding now so I am confined to the tred mill and rowing machine on good days.
  10. 'kin ell - they were my first posting straight out of Borden in December '75, at Hohne - I was in A Sqn LAD