12th feb basic

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sim20, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Anyone starting basic at catterick on the 12th febuary?
  2. no...im starting the 10th febuary though!! :)
  3. i`m going to catterick on feb 12th, what u joining, i`m joining the Duke of Lancaster Regiment.
  4. anyone else?
  5. Same m8. duke of lancs!
  6. i got 11 min on my 1.5mile run, so i was told i have to do a 3 week prep course, do you?
  7. Good luck son
  8. I start on the 24th Febuary at Catterick.
  9. Sim20,

    12th Feb is a Tuesday, which would be a strange day for you to start basic trg or pre-prep trg (or whatever it is called these days). You may want to double check that date.

    Good Luck Anyway.

  10. It won't be hard to spot you then.

    The slow one called Owens, last four 2278!
  11. Its definitely the 12th.
  12. As I say that's a strange day for a course to start that is over a week long. Good luck with your new career, I know you'll love it.

  13. ownes2778 what Battalion? cos im joining 4th Battalion (TA unit) cos i have college then im going to join the Reg.
  14. iv`e read other pages on this forum and all the other training dates are a sunday and monday, but coz i was told to do a pre course, could be a tuesday start..... also when i went to lichfield a sergeant told me i wanted to join the 2nd batalion. and coz they`re moving to cyprus i`m not going to complain..