12k to troubles victims

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ord_Sgt, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    No issue with it if it is across the board - but will it include Police and Military victims as well - thats not made clear.

  2. Their not going to give out money to the All Ireland Sliming Team, are they?
  3. My Red and bold.

    Personally, any scum who is known to have been a terrorist shouldn´t be able to apply, or their family be able to apply.

    That´ll save 96 grand from Loughgall alone. And a further 36 grand from the Gib shootings.

    That could be used to compensate the familys of the 7 horses killed at Regents Park. I bet they haven´t even been thought of.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I must be blind - I didn't see that CF, thanks.
  5. Flip side

    £40 Million. Flat. No more enquiries, no more whinging from Terrs.

    The Bloody Sunday Enquiry has cost £400 Million to date and has anyone actually seen the final report??? Even it's own website still says that the report is currently in preparation. .......

    Quick poke adds Late 2009 for publication

    On second thoughts....Why the f**k didn't they think of this in 98? Or do I hear a gravy Train at Platform 1?
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Is this a ******* joke? How far do these group hugs need to go? The only thing I agree with here is that there should be no more public enquiries.

    Let history become history without the ridiculousness of thinking we need to pay everyone to forget.
  7. "....No issue with it, if it is for all ..."

    So you think there is some sort of equivalence between murdering scum and the innocent men, women and children who were killed at their hands. Because that is what this is about. It will be followed by appeals for posthumous pardons for all terrorists because we've all accepted that they too were victims (of British imperialist oppresion). Pardons and recompense for the on the run terrorists. Parades and memorials to commemerate their dead!

    They were murderers and scum - both sides of the sectarian divide. They fought in a cowardly way and died for their stupidity. Those that got early release from prison should thank their luck stars that they live in a benevolant free democracy that sometimes makes stupid decisions - like letting them go.

    They still lost the war and deserve nothing. Give the money to the innocent casualties of their illegal war - claim the funds back from the political parties who promoted violence. I doubt the families of our brave soldiers would want to touch this blood money.
  8. With reference to those killed whilst involved in terrorist activities:
    What next will they get?
    GSM 1962 with clasp Northern Ireland?
    Mong Gong?
    Veterans Badge?
    Preference for Council Houses?
    Free membership of the British Legion?
    Their own "group" march past at the Cenotaph on Remeberance Sunday?
    Access to the Union Jack Club.
  9. This is just downright stupid.

    It is unfair (and it doesn't matter how you view it, where you view it from or even what your viewpoint is) and will cause more bother than it is worth.

    'Let's throw a load of cash around and say no more' solves absolutely nothing.
  10. Hell of a lot of truth in that
  11. Don't kid yourself. This is only one of the recomendations from the report. There is plenty more to come.
  12. Seems strange to me that we are providing compensation for everybody killed. Even innocent civilians. Is the government admitting responsibility for every single death? If not, then why should the government (and by extension pretty much all of us) provide the compensation?
  13. Do you really think it will be that simple. If £12k were payed to the cowardly scums' families, it would be taken as an admission of guilt and would lead to more enquiries, more claims and more more wasted as it drags on.

    But most of all it would be a slap in the face to all those who have served across there.
  14. Madness and betrayal.

    Like apologising for the Falklands. About what we can expect from this country now.

    What he said.
  15. Michael Gallagher from the Omagh Victims Group has voiced his opposition to this quite absurd decision. He also said that there are some people in Norn Iron who are attempting to remove the word 'terrorist' from the dictionary and that this decision could possibly send the wrong message to those still of a terrrorist/criminal persuasion.