12g Belt-fed M16 upper

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Not with that rate of stoppages you don't
  2. Quite so.
  3. It's a prototype according to the blurb so I'm sure some development will sort that. Looks promising although I'm not sure what for!
  4. What for? Just because they can I would have thought!
  5. Basically another toy for those Spams rich and lucky enough to own a $15k registered full-auto M16 receiver or a 'Registered Drop In Auto Sear'.

    You get all sorts of strange add-ons made for this market: belt fed 0.22 rimfires; even an MG34 style upper! All basically made so that they can show off to each other on the range. These chaps even have an annual get together at a place called Knob Creek - I kid you not.
  6. It would be perfect for dusting the back yard up!
  7. If money was the only object to me owning a GPMG for range days I'd manage to find it!
  8. what do you need to shoot that many times with a shotgun?

    they must have some big ol' bears
  9. Would you not want one of these if you were invited to parliment?
  10. Nope....

    i´d want one of these....


    With all the doors fitted with these.....

  11. Guy Fawkes it.
  12. I watched the link and was struck by the familiarity of the sound of the action being cocked/ stoppages. memories of .30 browning machine gun oh happy days. looking closer the upper receiver the action does have the browning look about it. Idle hands, cellar dwellers = FUN. :D