127 Land rover Ambulance

Apologies not the most interesting topics for the casual observer.

I'm looking for information and opinions on the above beast

1992 version 3.5 engine

Any mechanics out there love or hate em, any advice?
etc etc

Many thanks
Gimp, what do you want to do with it? Most common thing is a camper conversion - well suited to that but its a beast so dont expect small fuel bills - especially if you pull the restricters out of the manifold just after the carbs.....................

PM me if you dont want to embarass the pair of us with a particularily bone conversation.................


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Ripe for conversion to LPG! Loads of room to stuff the tank in
Its a conversion to camper, already got LPG sorted.

About thirty k on the clock.

I'm looking for the pitfalls of the model, any hints and tips and what to watch for.

Servicing schedules, links to some where I can get a manual

I'm hoping its something that will trog on forever and want to keep it sweet
They are heavy on brake and supension components - obviously due to the ferkin size of the thing! But they are as tough as old boots really - same as any other Defender.

If you go to www.orrp.com which is one of the better LandRover related forums you'll get some better answers as there are guys there who have done exactly what you are after doing...

As for the servicing shcedule - its just a bog standard Defender at the end of the day and in reality you cant go far wrong with a Haynes manual to be honest - though I might be able to get my hands on an old copy of the serv sched for you if you really need it............

Good luck with it mate and if you need owt else, just ask.......
Hi, just be aware when running on LPG that more water is generated and this has an effect on the exhausts, rust. When you come to replace then seriously think about stainless. However, if using LPG all the time you will see there is very little engine oil degradation with carbon. Therefore you can use a really good oil like Morrises Synthetic and leave it in for longer. (Morrises will inspect your oil for these purposes) Therefore you could recoup some exhaust cost! :D
You might also find that a suspension upgrade is a good idea.
Go to a suspension specialists, they have a name to protect.
Cheers for that info rogerinfrance

Its already got a stainless steel exhaust system. Now I know why!!
I can definitely help you out with a military servicing schedule if you really, really want one but to be honest you're better off getting a Haynes manual especially with the LPG conversion.

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