127 killed in Baghdad today

Aside from imposing some limitations on sectarian violence and denying the insurgents the ability to own (eg. Halafa Street), as opposed to bomb, the place, no, at least not sustainably.

To be fair on those involved, the expectation was always for a dip in attacks (which happened), followed by the insurgency re-grouping and adapting to what was going on. My guess would be the lull that ended about a week ago was due to the elimination of many (most?) of the bomb factories in Baghdad. The resumtion has been allowed by the re-location of these facilities to Diyala province north east of Bagdad, currently out of US control. The lag-time in re-starting production has been something akin to the delay the Soviets experienced when they re-located their heavy industry out of range of the Germans.

The plan is that once all 5 brigades are in place in June to launch a 2 or 3 brigade push into Diyala, the prep work can be seen in the operations in the area south and east of Baghdad.

At the end of the day, each side would appear to be counting on that as the decisive phase. The insurgency believe that if they cause enough casualties during that operation they can undermine what little political support exists for the war. The US thinks that, with Anbar and Baghdad no londer secure for the insurgency, they will be forced into a fight to the death. Both are potentially correct.
I suppose the same people will say It's because the Americans and British are in Iraq that Muslims are killing Muslims.Ye cannie win!
if the insurgent wins, all they will inherit is ashes, they will be fighting other insurgent for years to come, like two bald men fighting over a comb.
'The Insurgency'; 'Islamist Terrorists'; 'Iranian backed Militias'; 'Al Quaeda'; 'Saddam loyalists'.

Whichever label you use, Baghdad is a far more dangerous place now than it was before the US invaded and Bush declared 'mission accomplished.'
We heard it, we ignored that ORC. I believe a surprising percentage voted "Bring back the man in black" on one of the MoD continuous attitude surveys in Iraq.

There should be a thread on Arrse on it somewhere.

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