127 dragon bty


when did the mighty dragon bty (127) leave 26? i left end of 95,posted to that amazing place larkhill(not)..just wondered what percentage of the bty stayed at 26,i know ronnyb stayed ,just wondered who else stayed,and what rank they are now? im sure nails got out and married german,but ive sort of lost touch over the years.cheers


The mighty Dragons still kick arse

We are currently freezing our nuts off on the Plain doing the Bde pre HERRICK EX - deploying to the Ahfgan armpit soon

Mig, Jimmy Alg, Shaun R, Stakes (Provo Sgt!!?) and a gang of other lads from the 26 days are still in the Bty

If your around from Nov onwards PM me for a visit

Wittman, if you see Stakes the Sheriff give him my best, his Section commander in Iraq with 3 RHA the scouse boy. And if he can get his sausage fingers on here let him reply imsell!!


stakes the sherriff?im still laughing since wittman posted it,me and stakes were really good mates in 127 bty 26,in92-95...as for the sausage fingers hed probably give you a massage with em if you asked !!top guy and funny as fcuk!ask about him piercing his belly button in aughnacloy hahaha



I passed on your best to Stakes

He was going to stay on the Rear Party as Provo but has now been dicked to go with 28 Bty as a Gun No 1 - hes gutted
Wittman, did u go to Iraq with 3 RHA in 2003?

If so what Battery did ya go with? I was 16 attached to C with Stakes, finchy, feltch, Matty D an others! good war that one !!

Good laugh no cas, all gravy!!! Green black and brown combats throughout


Posted to 49 Regt, 127 Bty in 1991 as TSM A Troop, one of the best years and the last of the good times of my 24 years, top blokes right across the Battery, had to leave when 49 was sadly disbanded.

I think the Finchy that was mentioned worked with me in the CP

My only regret, getting a CR that enabled me to pass the BSMs Board and a subsequent posting to a Regt that was full of blokes that seemed to have stepped from the pages of a Catherine Cookson Novel.

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