125cc Bike - Licence and test.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by CURFCno5, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Evening all.

    Just wanted to make sure I have this correct.

    Looking to get a little 125cc bike just to get me to work before I join in November.

    I'm 22, have a full car licence. The full car licence gives me the right to ride a 125 as a learner.

    I have to take a CBT.

    When I've passed the CBT I can buy a bike, insure myself and ride with L plates with no problems?

    Also, anyone know where I can get a cheap bike? Only needed to get me to and from a building site for 3 months. Live in the New Forest / Southampton area.


  2. You'll have to do a CBT and Hazard perception test and pass both - this will enable you to drive a 125 with L plates for two years - if you dont do your full test within two years the licence lapses.
  3. Buy a bicycle.
  4. No Hazard Perception part, just need to do the CBT. I'd get the full bike test done quickly aswell as from January 2013 the EU are buggering around with the laws again.
  5. CBT is a day. Should cost absolutely no more than £150 including bike hire.

    Its not pass or fail so only a complete mong would not get the certificate. (I did see one get recoursed but thats Herefordians for you)

    If you already know how to behave on the roads its a doddle.
    Thing different to cars is positioning and observations.

    Bikes, cheap does not mean buy a cheap chinese rust bucket.
    They will fail you and your wallet and probable cost you your job as they are ultra unreliable. You will lose a fortune IF, yes IF you can sell the damn thing on.

    The thing about bikes is that once the initial depreciation has hit, they hold their value almost indeffinately.

    Pay well for a second hand Honda or Yamaha and sell it in 3 months for the same or profit, jobs a goodun although I expect you'll get the bug and sell it for a crotch rocket!!!

    Any advice on 125's needed, PM me and I'll point you in the right direction.
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  6. Cheers for that, Gents. PM sent, Pebbles.
  7. as a sensible biker ( Kawasaki VN 1600 ) please ride carefully, treat EVERY car driver like they want to kill you, think for the ******* and watch out for twats who text drive/don't wear a seat belt and also hold your side of the road don't ride in the gutter even if yer underpowered. Take care, get yer test done and enjoy biking 'cos it's fooooooooooookin' bril
  8. Never think that 'its only a 125, protective gear is for big bikes'

    60-70 mph is still 60-70mph no matter how big the engine is, trust me.
    Gloves, bone dome, jacket and boots are minimum but remember that the first thing to hit the deck is usually your knee so wear decent armoured jeans.

    No matter how good your kit is, number one piece of protective equipment is Mk1 eyeball and the cogs behind it.
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  9. Just bought myself a 125 Yamaha scooter for getting to work and back every day, i wish i had done it years ago. Very practical and cheap to run. Wouldn't go back to a car now for work, its only 5 miles away away and only takes 15 mins door to door. Definitely the way forward.
  10. The mong here went to do his second module 1 test (failed first as I clipped the cone).... to only turn up and my CBT had expired by 5 days....(never left my jacket pocket since my last mod 1 test in May) dooohh!!!

    So, going back to do my CBT tomorrow. The guy says if the others who are on it are up to speed quickly I can use a 500cc bike. Next mod 1 is booked for 2 weeks time! My theory expires end of August so I better get my finger out!

    Edit: Typo
  11. Have you considered joining the ROYAL BRITISH LEGION RIDERS BRANCH?

    See; The Royal British Legion Riders Branch

    Most members are ex or serving but civi's can join.

    Lots of helpful support and advice available from members.
  12. Bear in mind that you can't take it on the Motorway with L plates though.
  13. Yeah. Looks great. Nice wee tours in the Country. Riding like a maniac at 170mph on a Yamaha R1 is not for me.
  14. It's not all fast bikes, leather jackets etc.

    I ride trials bikes, maximum speed on the road 50 mph due to the low gearing.

    There is one Legion Rider, 'MAD STU' who is at the moment riding around every barracks, airbase and navy ports raising money for the poppy appeal on a 125 cc GC Honda.

    Members include ex and serving Privates up to a serving General.
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  15. Nice one. I think I have only seen an ex-military biking tour once in the Lake District. Looked impressive as there must have been 30 of them!

    Did my CBT again today. So back on again for the mod 1.