Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ericferret, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. The total number of aircraft that the AAC will have according to "Helicopter International" including training aircraft.

    Doesn't seem anywhere near enough.
  2. Call JHC then. They have all the figures on the wall on B floor.

    It's as easy as ABC :D
  3. Who the fuck did the counting? An HSBOS Director??

    Lets see. FLynx - 34, Apache - 66, Islander/Defender - 10, Bell 212 - 6 (civvy owned), Squirrel - 11 (civvy owned) plus a couple of other types. That equates to 135 (including the other types). Are they expecting us to lose 12 in the near future or is it their way of telling us about future cuts?

    Its not enough. Unfortunately, it aint going to improve in the next 20 years anyway. The only bonus is when the RAF get disbanded, we will grab the SH. :wink:
  4. Actually Flashy with recent cutbacks it is a TOTAL of three.

    Just thought it would be easier for you AAC types to count if it was 1-2-3. :D

  5. I hope so. It would give me a great excuse to bang out and fly for the Colombians moving their 'special parcels' across the GoM. :wink:
  6. Well if your lucky we might loan you a SH.If you pongo types can be trusted with such a bird. :D

    How many 'special parcels' can be underslung from a chinook? :wink:

  7. About 5 million quids worth (street value ;) )
  8. Can't do it then flash, can't trust a Pongo with that much! :D

    By the way do you know any Kingos?I have a deal they might be interested in :wink: