121st (City of Glasgow) Field Regiment Royal Artillery

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I am doing a little research into the possibility that 121st (City of Glasgow) Field Regiment Royal Artillery) was present at Bergen Belsen KZ shortly after the liberation in April or May 1945.

Drawing on the knowledge base here, is 121 LAA RA and 121 Medium RA one and the same? Additionally has anyone any history on this (these) unit(s) that would help me with my quest?
No, during WW2 regts of different types (eg RHA, Fd, Med, Hy, HAA, LAA, ATk) were numbered within their type so could have the same number although later in the war some regts changed their type but retained their old number when it didn't duplicate.

I think you'll find that 121 Fd Regt was 121 (West Riding) Fd Regt and only served in N Africa & Italy. However, in Jan 1944 it converted to medium and retained its number, serving in 5 AGRA in NW Europe as 121 Med Regt. Somehow I don't think converting from field to medium converted Yorkshiremen into Scots, but stranger things have happened and the gunnery staff could work miracles with unpromising material.

Could you be thinking of 131 Fd Regt? This was 'Lowland' and in 15 Inf Div in NW Europe.

The other Lowland fd regts were 129 & 130 (both in Burma), and 78, 79 and 80 which spawned them, 78 was in Italy but 79 and 80 were in 52 Div in NW Europe.

Have a look at this page http://members.tripod.com/nigelef/regtsumm.htm
Thanks Petardier. Unfortunately the information I have been given is second hand and may not be accurate in the first place.

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