120mm Mortar as used by FSA

Seen quite a few videos on FSA firing 120mm Mortars Not sure which type but think Russian or Chinese but they always seem to load / fire the bombs by wedging something into the barrel to drop the bomb when a long piece of string is used to free the wedge.

Is this normal ?
I don't know the mortar type but I suspect it's Darwinism in action. There seem to be a number of videos floating about of FSA and others blowing themselves to bits with premature detonations.....
The only 120mm mortar firing I've been close too was with the filthy soap dodging French, their kit gives you a choice between the normal fixed firing pin and a lanyard operated striker (if you are worried about your hairdo).

I suspect the mortars you are refering to will be soviet m1943 or the 1938 predecessors, I've never seen the drill on either of them boys, my gut feeling is any drill which involves dodgy foreign objects placed in the bore, is a real ****'s trick!
Rubbish, the FSA do not have heavy weaponry like mortars. We know that they are brave freedom fighters armed only with bolt action rifles and torrets induced cries of "Allah ahkba" against a murderous repressive regime that is slaughtering and carpet bombing entire cities for pure shits and giggles. We know this because someone told them it's true.

As for wedging objects into a barrel, yeah seems pretty stupid and I'm guessing they're not bothering with aiming posts either so what they're shelling could be indiscriminate and killing innocents... but hey as I said they don't have mortars so this would never happen.

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Quite a few of the higher velocity 120s use trigger devices.. the muzzle blast and more importantly muzzle flash when firing top end charges is hitting the limits for what you want your face next to...

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