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120mm BAT in the Falklands.

I'm just watching a program about medics in the Falklands and it showed a picture of Para Regt training with 120mm BAT on the deck of the Canberra.

I didn't realise it had deployed to the Falklands (probably in the same consignment as chocolate fire guards), was it ever fired in anger?

I know the Argies had tracked vehicles on the FI, but I can't remember seeing anything sufficiently armoured to defeat 66mm LAW.

The program itself is very interesting and features Surgeon Commander Rick Jolly, who also wrote a great book - The red and green life machine.
I've just read Robert Fox's book (Eyewitness Falklands) and I'm sure there is a reference to it somewhere. Can't find it now of course...

Don't imagine anybody walked across the island carrying one however!
I remember reading one account of the Falklands; it mentioned that MILAN was used during the attack on Wireless Ridge. IIRC, they had just been brought into service before the war but didn't have MIRA yet.
You have to take into account the squaddie rumour mill and related inflation.

I think the 40k figure possibly came from the cost of going out and doing the live fire package once a year.
10 Para, (support coy) were training with wombats mounted on Land Rovers from 1981- 1982 and I dare say before that but I didn't see it. Or have I missed the point and you were referring to whether or not the wombat was deployed during Corporate?

Could the Atlantic Conveyor be involved?
I think the 40k figure comes from squaddies making it up as they go along.
When I was commanding a MILAN Pl (early 90s) it was always £60k or "the price of a new BMW". Actually you would have got quite a lot of BMW for £60k back then so it never made a lot of sense :)

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