12 year sgt REME VM info on possible employment jobs/roles?

hi guys and gals facing redundancy this year and looking for some friendly info from any mechanics who have left or leaving the forces. the wife wont let me work on the rigs and im not interested in security work so what else is out there? i would need a job that pays about £30000 a year after tax.(dreamer i know)and would prefer to be based in and around somersetcurrently run an 18 man/woman fitter section.have had 3 years experience with military procurement working alongside civilian contractors etc.got all the typical NVQ quals for a class 1 mechanic.so any ideas?


Getting that wage around Somerset is going to be difficult.

Tell your wife to suck it up and work on the Rigs.


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Use your resettlement training to do a locksmithing/plumbing/electrical/whatever is fashionable at the time course.

You can be your own boss and you get a van, it must be true, it's in all those magazines at the resettlement office.

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Stick with what you know, there is plenty of HGV tech/PSV tech work about, local jobs pay around 20-22k, but there is plenty of contract work in the Southeast if you go umbrella company/agency in the £13/hour range with o/time available. I will pm you an email address of a guy who is often looking for mechanics
In the south west net £30k is a dream (I reckon). But there is work out there for tradesmen. why not take any job in your trade and then go for promotion. You will be surprised how many managers / supervisors are ex military. They know were you are coming from and usually would rather take on ex's than civies. But good luck.
I got out end of 2007 as a cpl VM(A) after 8.5 years. I have lived in devon all my life and worked in the moter traded when not in the Army. My thoughts for what they are worth are,
When I got out you where looking at that sort of wage. I got 28k in a good job with 37 hours a week. I'm glade I got out and there where lots of job about.
2013 things are a lot different ! I'm on 22k in an OK job but have to work are and am lucky to have it. Yes there are jobs out there but its are hard market and lots worse than me.
If you are getting out be prepared for some hard work before getting a good job and some low pay only 20k + . Workshops are all on performance stats and you need to know all about this.
I would look at being a sparky or plumber and your own boss more cash more work and less hassle.
If you want to chat or if I can be any help just pm me your phone number.
there's plenty of onshore jobs up in aberdeen. our company's looking for a workshop manager and technicians to do valve assembly and testing. think they offer bosiet for people who want to work offshore but that depends on industry experience. if you pm me i can send you a job spec.
Do you like ski-ing?

I can get you a job tomorrow working in Methvan. Only problem is it's in NZ, but if you like peace and quiet, skiing, and the worlds best backdrop give me a shout. The place is crying out for skilled workers.
Have a look on The Crowsnest Information Collection mate,on there is a railway section it has every UK Rail Operating Company some of the company's offer trainee driver program's,I did one ten years ago and have been driving freight since.The company I work for Freightliner Heavy Haul have a depot in Taunton so not a million miles from you. We recently had a RAF SNCO mechanic join the company as a fitter,travels around doing A Exams on the locos (basic checks,POL) he said he wanted to leave and go driver,the company gave him a seven grand pay rinse on the spot to keep him,so the money is there to be made!


Question is, why would you leave? Doing pauper's jobs for pauper's wages. And all that after being a SNCO in the Army? Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it!
if you come out with an IEng you should cash that in but the sad fact is there's no industry to speak of left in the uk apart from something oil related. theres not much difference between running an armory and running a workshop and the money is good. you just have to move up to the cold shoulder of scotland to get it!
Langdons & Wincanton Logistics always need good people.
Not sure about the pay though & £30k in Somerset?
Your having a laugh unless your C+E & ADR Class 1,2,3 & 4 with Tankers/Packages.
have a look on RIGZONE - The Career Center for Oil & Gas Professionals
tbh the jobs on rigzone all call out for minimum 2 years relevant industry experience but i think thats more for offshore personnel. if you got a start with one of the service companies and start building up experience from day 1 you just make sure you apply for all the in house training you can get!
Mate of mine got out at around 13 year point. All because his missus didnt like him being away. And when i say away i mean Exercise not 6 month tours! Said he was mad doing it as he was a sorted bloke (SSgt) and would go a lot further. Did his plumbing/sparky courses etc and low and behold 3 months later was ringing me up for a reference to work out in Afghan as a Contractor. First thing i said was "isnt this what you were getting out for". Im afraid the reality of no experience, so no job and so no money coming in woke her up very quickly. Luckily he is more or less doing the same job he did when he was in and getting double the money. I would suggest to the OP, stay in unless you have a walk-in job the day after you leave. Im out soon after 25yrs and already accepted the fact that im going off to do Contract work either in Africa or Afghanistan......i even applied for a job in Guam the other day but with the little chinky school kid in North Korea getting a bit too chopsy with his PS3 controller i may give that one a miss!

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