12-year sabbatical?

On a video clip which was posted on another thread here, someone claims to have spent 12 years away from the Army "in civilian clothes", and then to have rejoined his (Guards) Regiment as Adjutant.

I find this extraordinary. If this character had been prancing around the Middle East for all that time with some sort of Secret Organisation, that's all very fine and dandy, but I suspect that his knowledge of contemporary section, platoon and company tactics might have lagged a little. If he had been prancing around daddy's farm making sure that the pheasant are edible then I fail to see why he should be allowed this sort of leave. I wasn't, but then I only keep chickens, and I only prance a little, in private.

Is there an explanation? One I can handle without a BP issue?
Its a different form of Adjutant to what we would know, with a different role.

Or so Ive been told.


He's the "Regimental Adjutant". Episode 1 of that series has a guy who looks about 80 doing the same job, so presumably it's a non-operational role.
Organiser of functions and setting of tables I've no doubt...
He was in uniform with major's crowns in the clip. " ...I've had an interesting and quite exciting time as a civilian, but then I just felt it was time for a change. And so I've come back to the fold."

Sounds like a dosser who's been given a job by an old pal, frankly. I'd love to hear about other people in similar situations being 'brought back into the fold'. Happy to be corrected about this fellow, but not a little unhappy if this is an old boys club thing. Such privileges aren't extended to all.
'Regimental Adjutant' sounds some traditional or ceremonial appointment.

Will somebody who knows about such things please explain what the job entails, and any traditional symbolism it may have.
If it is the same thing as I think (the Grenadier Guards program? Only on episode 2 in BFBS world), the the "Regimental Adjutant" is certainly not the same as the Adjutant of the Regiment.

It is a post in the Royal Household (I guess) responsible for (from what little I saw the old guy who retired in wednesday's episode) booking the band, organising appointments for the Guards etc. They hinted that "the Regimental Adjutant is the first link in the chain to speak to royalty".

So conceivable that you retire and return to your old unit to assume the role as a RO.


It is a paid honoury appointment. He is an RO.

He runs Regimental HQ. Not the Battalion HQ as its not in CoC.

So in effect he runs the "name" of the Regiment.

Other examples are RRF HQ who are in Tower of London.

He is in effect equerry for the Regiment.

Hope this helps. Not bad eh? Im not even a Grenadier!
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