12 Year Old Sentenced to Life

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. Fair enough, deserves all he gets... Scroute was lucky to have made the court really, I'd have strung the sh*t up by em!!!

    Article says the judge gave him a min sentence of 21 months before being eligible for Parole whats the betting he will be out in 22 months?? But the life sentence does mean (should mean) he will be straight back in if he steps out of line.

    Anyway, why all the fuss over that little oxygen thief?? The teacher is the one with the LIFE sentence and is the ONLY one in that incident deserving of any thoughts and sympathy.

    Kids parents too maybe, guess they didn’t deserve the shame he has brought to the family. But as I said, she is the one really deserving of sympathy.

    I really don’t get your point there tomahamk6, are you saying he shouldn’t have got locked up???
  2. I just believe that life is an extreme sentence. He needs to be punished - in the US he would serve a sentence until age 21 and then be released.
  3. But who's to say if they let him out at 21 he wouldn't just go straight off and do it again? Personally I think all rapists should have their balls chopped off.
  4. Toma - if you had a daughter, and she was raped, would you still feel the same?

    (No I can't sleep)
  5. Two rounds centra....no wait, waste of ammo, fix bayonets.
  6. The good news about this case is that despite being released on parole at some point he can be re-locked up for the rest of his life without too much fuss if appropriate. Life means life in this respect - I just hope he serves long enough to be considered as a proper sentance and not just a couple of years.
  7. Link to an article from today's Scotsman, which I think explains better the thinking behind this sentence. Including need for further assessment and treatment in view of risk to the public.

    By the way T6, although I appreciate your humane take on this subject, your own country's policies on the minimum age to qualify for the death penalty also seem harsh, in some eyes. I understand that the minimum age is now in the process of being raised.
  8. My only faulting in the sentence is that it's not across the board. Not sure how many of you remember this case, but at the time the sentence made me so angry and physically sick, pity the mother didn't beat him to death with the branch she used to beat her daughters rapist off of her.....


    Justice is not balanced or even in the UK, if it was ALL rapists and sex offerders would receive the sentence of the little b*stard above.

    Beebs :evil:
  9. What about that madman who threatened you with a knife BBC...........what should he have got?

    And what's Dale's opinion on this given her traumatic incident?
  10. I don’t think either is relevant to the topic; neither in anyway compares to the trauma suffered by these females. Unless this is an attempt by you to pull either Dale or I into a slating match and the topic off thread? In which case maybe a less important issue should have been picked and the NAAFI a more appropriate place.

  11. I was merely pointing out that the truth is not always told and that this doesn't help the case of genuine victims. I think it's quite relevant to this thread. It expands upon the subject matter. Genuine victims can fall foul by the actions of those attention seekers who cry wolf. Personally I found it quite remarkable that only a day or so after your alleged incident.............your good buddy Dale, was also subjected to an attack. Given that you are both a pair of attention seekers (and that is the opinion of many on this site), I found that quite uncanny.

    As for the 12 yr old, he got what he deserved. If he was big enough to carry out a crime to that degree, he's big enough to do the time.
  12. See my last.

  13. I concur with Hackle, seems to be an appropriate sentence - the boy is in the best place to receive the treatment he so obviously needs.

    The person/people I would like to tie over a rats nest are the paedophiles who helped to turn him into what he became.
  14. See mine.