12 Year old Boy is accused of sausage assault

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by romach, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Looks like the little shite has form for assaulting old age pensioners and the like.

    What exactly would you have the police do with the little chav?
  2. Fcuk him. The little tw@t had been warned three times not to harrass this bloke. Perhaps this will teach him a lesson and he won't grow into beating people who stand up for themselves to death.
  3. Could it be this innocent little boy was part of a gang of young scrotes who were persistently harrassing an old man??

    Quote from the BBC article

    "The victim, who believed he had been hit with a stone, told police it was the latest in a series of incidents in which he had been intimidated by local youths.

    Charging the boy was the only option because he had previously been issued with three reprimands, a GMP spokeswoman said. "
  4. My sentiments exactly. Often the event that the police respond to is the latest in a long, long string of low level abuse, intimidation and threats perpetrated by the little sh1t who stands snivelling at his parents/lawyers side.
    One good spin off of ASBOs is that they permit hearsay evidence to be tendered against the bearer, so if snotty little sh1 for brains gets an ASBO anything and everything he says or does can be used to support action for breach.

    PS, hang the effing parents whilst you are about it.
  5. mother should be locked up as well for breeding a chavscum
    most here would be needing protection if we at age 12 had been warned by the police a 2nd time :x ffs
  6. Shame the police can't give the little cnuts a kicking anymore.
  7. Indeed, nothing like the knowledge that PC Plod not only can but will administer a swift kicking to make the scum think twice.

    I have seen 13 and 14 year old scrotes here in our blighted pile speak to the police worse than anything I ever heard as a squaddy, and the coppers seem quite prepared to stand there and tolerate it.

    The root cause is the worthless fcuking breeeding machines that masquerade as parents, and whos only parenting skill lies in being able to calculate to the penny how much Child Benefit they are due for the shedload of scum they have inflicted on us.
  8. "It had quite a bit of an effect on him. He couldn't sleep. He takes sleeping tablets anyway - but they didn't work."

    This from the mother(I use that term loosely).

    Firstly, what doctor would prescribe a child sleeping pills?

    And secondly, what type of parent would allow their child to be prescribed sleeping pills?

    I think I would be asking the doctor for every conceivable option, other than bloody pills to deal with my childs insomnia!
  9. because if they don't tolerate it then the force will kick em out, and probably give him/her a criminal record for breaking the scrotes 'human rights'
  10. You'd have made it to a second warning? I don't think I would have.
  11. no doubt this little bas@ard is a chav

    his mother

    "he takes sleeping pills", what a complete waste of human flesh, there is no reason at all to harass a 74 year old man

    shame the old plod didnt take him {and his mother} round the back and kick twelve balls of crap out of em, chav scrotes.

    now thats where i want to see my taxes going.

    p.s. did my 2nd interview today, passed, feel happy.
  12. i'd pescribe arsenic, by the way.

    little bars@ards deserve painful lingering deaths.

    blood boiling :twisted:
  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Lock the little scrote in a room with M_D_N ... he'll soon learn what assault with a sausage is really about.
  14. I can still remember my old man beating the living sh1t out of me for having a policeman at the door for some teenage midemeanour. Sounds cliched but it didn't do me any harm & reinstated a bit of respect in me. That's what these little scrotes & their sperm/egg donors are in urgent need of in these sad times.