12 Year Engagements for TA Soldiers and serve to 55

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by minidvr, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Whether you know it or not, things are changing for TA Service. New arrangements effective from 1 April 2007 are:

    New upper age limit for recruits of 43.

    New engagements for 12 years initially (you can still bin it whenever you like unless on Ops)

    Normal Retirement Age of 55 (Officer can go to 60)

    This is to bring the TA onto Common Terms of Service (TOS) with the Regular Army who are moving onto the versatile engagement in 2008.

    Existing members can opt to change to the 12 year engagement at their next re-engagement point or can sign up for it straight away

    Individuals will be looked at coming upto the 12 year point and see if they are worthy of an extension of a further 12 years.

    Overage engagements over 55 for a year at a time will still be available.

    The details were published in a DIN earlier this month.

    What do you think?

    GOOD or BAD?
  2. Is it 43 for ALL regiments/corps, including Infantry etc?
  3. Yes for Infantry, Support Arms such as AGC, RAMC, REME etc, retain the upper (45) enlistment limit.
  4. Is that 43/45 for someone with no previous military experience or ex-regulars/TA
  5. Very good, where do I sign on for another 12?

  6. Can the TA bin you anytime they feel like? If so, does the 12 yr engagement make much difference?
  7. I better buy some running shoes and get going then. Age and fitness were the principle obstacles I anticipated. One down one to go then?
  8. cool I can rejoin just in time to follow prince harry into persia oh joy :headbang: it will be glorious
  9. So when does the (TA) pension arrive??????
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Never, I hope - you are better off with a tax-free bounty.

  11. No excuses now; get the fizz kit sorted out and start training again. Oh. how I've missed doing 12-milers carrying a bergan!

    Mental note: find a book/cd on Farsi...
  12. MSR i agree; it's pension or bounty and if you work it out on the average TA salary you have got to be better off with a bounty. Even at 50 days at 80 pounds a day that is £4000 a year. Bounty at top level is equivalent to over a third. I think most pension contributions for companies are under 20%.

    And if mobilised you get a pension.

    And last time I got involved in the sacking STABs argument although THEORETICALLY the CO can remove anyone from his unit and the TA (we were trying to get rid of someone) the pro bono advice from two barristers of long call in the unit was that it would be extremely inadvisable (whatever the strict rules said) not to follow the reasonable HR approach i.e. verbal warning followed by two written warnings etc so I think (hope) the days of sacking on the spot (unless gross misconduct) are gone.

  13. Wifes going to be mad thought I only had 5 yrs to go He he who needs a life :numberone:
  14. No offence, but has anyone else noticed the DATE of the proposed changes?

    Much as I'd love to 'phone Them and put my name down for Winter Selection, I'll believe the changes when I see it on the TA website(s).