12 Sites to close, being announced in Parliment at 15:00 apparently


War Hero
I did guard duty at Barnham a couple of times in the 80's, it has never been the most luxurious accommodation. Money has recently been spent refurbishing some of the facilities, it's also a training area for the Regt. and provides a lot of accommodation (and was one of the better cross-country courses for a local league).

Locally, it was thought that Cambridge Airport and Marshalls might move to Mildenhall and the land at Cambridge would be used for housing (plenty of jobs around Cambridge and close to the M11). The problem with putting housing at Mildenhall is that once built it will not provide any jobs at all so the locals, both current and future will all have to find jobs elsewhere.

The old 94 MU for nuclear warheads has been an industrial estate for a very long time so I guess if that can be cleaned-up the rest of Barnham should be. There is also an old WWII mustard gas plant near-by that has been cleaned-up.