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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Merlin745, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know why 33, 34 and 35 Sigs Regiments were removed from 11 Sig Bde?

    Did we smell?
  2. A little fishy, yes.
  3. Well there is a certain something lingering in the back of Polar69's det.. Old soap stains maybe, or perhaps it's his Eau de Colostome.. Does yours have an ash tray in the back? Just what the purpose is I have no idea.

    No idea why, or even when it happened - us grunts will just keep getting comms in and stagging on as ordered - doesn't really matter who the higher power is (would be nice to know though).
  4. ^Dunno either, but I think this is related


  5. Amen.
  6. I don't think it has happened has it?.

    Those Regiments are listed under the Land Command structure as being part of various Regional Brigades. Didn't they go across in 1999?.

    12 Group is the functional thingy in charge of exercises (?)

    It's a wingletang thang
  7. Thats the weird thing, I believe the actual units supporting the regional Bdes come under control (OpCom?) of 2 Sig Bde and the only Sigs units that they have direct control over are from 12 Sig Grp. Who are equipped with equipment unsuitable for their needs.
  8. It's a great plan......

    It's a wingletang thang
  9. 12 Sig Gp Supports HQ ARRC

    The rest of 11 Bde is deployable wherever
  10. Except when it deploys on Ops (cause many of its soldiers can't deploy as they've already been on Telic)
  11. But what about 22 SR? - where's that going?
  12. My info is a few months old, however 12 Sig Gp were/are to be removed from 11 Sig Bde, to allow 11 Sig Bde to concentrate on provision of the Jt NetCen. 12 Sig Gp, in sp of HQ ARRC to be tied into 1 Sig Bde, as the UK element, inc 22 Sig Regt.

    Not sure if final locn for 22 Sig Regt is confirmed, but RAF Stafford was hot favourite - both CO and Adjt have been nominated off recent boards, so all is looking positive.
  13. Thats sort of what I'd heard, but the TA board is quite rife (if u read between the lines) with hints of more 'nasty' rumours. If you find the (Just TA) threads you'll realise that quite a few (TA?) people are really pissed off and others are just bitter. If you dig deeper its going to quite high levels of the officers heirachy.
  14. Does "provision of" translate as "delegate to 30 Sigs?"
  15. I think it translates to "delegate to 30 Sigs to learn from the excellent job done by 2 SR, which did it first and on the largest scale". Course, I could be wrong..... :) :)