12 Sig Gp Trade Training

So did anyone from ARRSE attend, and how do you feel it went? The debrief didn't really raise any major points - hopefully there's not much unofficial to add. Who tried, and no doubt failed (I've counted 3 so far), to pull the RSOP Kitty? Louise bar in Catterick was a mistake, pure and simple... Then again so was letting one of the siggies sing Bohemian Rhapsody on Karaoke.

Rumour has it of some driver training course coming up, don't know the details yet but info will be relayed via other means if I know you.

Now get yourselves out on the next Falcon comms ex!
is it still just Ptarmigan?

Trade training, Louis Bar in Catterick and a siggy singing a desperate version of Bohemian Rhapsody... this is sounding way too familiar...

I seem to remember that another siggy should also be permanently banned from ever singing again, tho i don't remember the song he crucified - it has been blocked from my mind as traumatic experiences so often are. I do remember him trapping a fat bird tho later in the night (wish that image could be blocked also..)

Thank God for vodka, eh??
You're not a switch op are you? There were only a few of us drinking vodka in sufficient quantities to block things out. Unfortunately the walk over to Louis bar, via a detour to some random places that were closed and a friendly chat with the RMP about something we weren't involved with sobered me up. Just as well as a siggy sharing the name of an island was playing up.

I'm sure I could recall the other songs that were murdered, but I really don't want to remember them.

I don't think there are many official IS roles going, at the moment, hopefully when they come out they'll let the various professionals and grads know about it.
TA_sig said:
Now get yourselves out on the next Falcon comms ex!
That depends when 22 Sigs gets it and when you go on ex with them (or 7 or 16 Sigs Regts). Your not getting Falcon (its too complicated for TA) but Cormorant, that will be 2nd hand from either 2 or 30 Sigs regt. This won't happen soon. IS (Eng) role may be introduced around the same time.
I meant Early Falcon/Middle Falcon/Late Season Falcon/Airborn Falcon/Slightly Roasted Falcon and the rest of them. Unless they change naming schemes that have been around for at least 11 years. Goodness TA playing with modern comms kit, did you really think I was that naive?

What do you mean by too complicated anyway? As in it would take more than 2 weeks and some random ex's to learn?
Mmmm. I can think of quite a few siggies who, if you gave them the design docs and user manuals for various the bits of kit could probably work it out better than their pay grade gives them credit for (probably enjoy it too the geeky sods). Ha, some of them work developing similar systems to begin with and could plan the network links from Tommy to Whitehall.

'Too complicated' bah!
They said that about Ptarmigan.

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