12 Regt to TI

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Cyberhacker, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. I note that, in his statement yesterday, our illustrious SoS announced that 12 Regt will be moving to Thorney Island...

    I thought that the grapevine had 16 moving to TI... is there room for both (or all three, if 47 stays put?)
  2. I think you will find 16 Regt are moving to North Luffinham
  3. I have heard some rumours that 47 will remain in TI and that 12 will rtn from BFG and settle alongside 47 and that 16 will move up to where 47 were due to move to. How true this rumours are i do not know but i'm sure if aramark are talking about it then it must have some truth in it?
    I have also heard that if 12 do move in TI it could possilbly be in preperation for a merge with 47, is there any truth in that?

  4. About three weeks ago the Regt Col said that 16 will move to North Luffinham

    But knowing the way the Regiment works, this has probably changed!
  5. Yep, I've also heard that 12 and 47 will be sharing the paradise isle in the not too distant future. And the chap who told us was very senior and well placed to comment. It'll be a bugger in the NAAFI and messes until everything is sorted out accomodation wise.
    More importantly, who gets custody of the beach? Could they time share and then flip a coin for it on the 7th day?

    These are the sorts of questions that I don't think the higher ups have truly considered with sufficient depth.
  6. What about those individuals from 47 who jumped ship and joined 16 thinking that they would get back to TI and now find themselves moving north, oh dear.
  7. I Can confirm, 16 Regt is moving to North Luffenham Summer 07, making way for the Household cav and assorted wooden tops to enter woolwich, and they can keep this S##T hole. :twisted:
    And yep 12 Regt is drawing out of Germany, to join up with 47 at Thorney. Paderborn / Sennelager i believe will also draw to a close, with the remainder moving up to Bergen Hohne Garrison. 8)
  8. Yes the Barrack Blocks are shit, but it will be a very sad day when the Gunners leave

    Is anything of the Royal Regiment stayting behind ? CVHQ ? etc ?
  9. No - forces in Germany will be based in either the Hohne or Paderborn areas, including Gutersloh.
  10. As far as I am aware CVHQ RA is staying.
  11. Yep - I can confirm that CVHQ RA and the Band are staying in Woolwich, also, to make the Guards even happier, the barracks are going to continue to be known as the Royal Artillery Barracks!
  12. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Woolwich had to be the worst Sgts Mess Accn in the world