'12 Olympics.What have ya done today, to make ya feel proud?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Micky_Dees, Nov 19, 2004.

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  1. The Olymipic Bid has been officially launched today. The Promotional Video looks quite good really, but what have YOU done today, to make you feel proud??

  2. Drop my little girl off every day - luv her to bits
  3. ironed my underpants this morning
  4. Finally got around to submitting a n assignment for my degree. 2 weeks late new daughter not withstanding.
  5. Noticed that the shooting events are at Woolwich, not Bisley (as suspected). Reasoning was apparently that the journey time from East London to Pirbright was too great.


    Looks like "Royal Artilllery Barracks Woolwich" (their words, not mine) could get a decent range complex out of the deal, so long as they don't waste it all by making it a temporary structure.......
  6. No doubt, because nobody will be allowed to use it afterwards

    Which is a point, how do they intend to hold the shooting events with illegal firearms? :?
  7. Same way they did for the Commonwealth games.

    Seems a shame that Bisley wouldn't be used.. its the home of world shooting.
  8. The Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich, will, by then have ceased to be a barracks or have anything to do with the Royal Regiment. If you're quick though, you can still order a case of the reserve port out of the officers mess cellar. :evil:
  9. As MD says, during the Commonwealth Games held at Bisley, all participants, including our own sportsmen were given authority by the Home Office (Section 5[long story, but I will elaborate if required]) to use and store their handguns at Bisley.

    It is a pity Bisley can't be used as they already have the facilities as well and it was very well run from what I saw, plus as MD says, it is the home of shooting (since it moved from Wimbledon).
  10. Bisley was well run, lovely setting, good to see all events on a single site. Athletes were slightly narked at being in a satellite village (Guildford University accommodation) again - the 1998 satellite village was at least a 5-star hotel on a duty-free tropical island paradise......

    There's not a complete match between Commonwealth Games shooting events and Olympic Games shooting events. CG does fullbore rifle; OG doesn't. There's a bit of a stramash over the binning of Running Target shooting from the OG programme, but it isn't on the CG programme.

    While the Bisley skeet, trap, and 50m facilities are world-class (the 10m range would be, but the floor bounces enough to make it arguable), the 25m pistol range (Melville Range) isn't exactly Olympic-standard. Would be nice to see it upgraded....... and the sooner the proposed hotel (planned for the site of the old OR's canteen) gets built, the better.

    I've still got a soft spot for the ATSC annexe - it's not the same now they've renovated the bathroom, and put duvets on the beds :) :)
  11. What have I done today?

    Campaigned vehemently against wasting vast sums of money on bringing the bloody olympics to London. I have to work there and I don't want years of construction and games related congestion and chaos. Remember the blasted dome.

    You'll only watch it on the tv anyway.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    And some good reloading kit I must collect......

  13. Hmmmm being a resident here, I can see half your point, although Crystal and Alexandra Palaces don't seem to have too much hassle with handling all that.
    IMO, with half the amount of tourists are here already, getting in my face esp when I'm in need to shift some where fast, I can't seeing it'll be that different to what we got already.
    But if London gets it, I'm gonna sign up for the volley at Horse guards - so I'll have an excuse to knock some of them out my way lol.
  14. Heard that last night. Beach volleyball @ horse guards. Sign me up too.

    What did I do yesterday, supported kiddies in need, did a bit.

    Today, I'm making a special effort to see my ex-step daughter for her 18th. Not her fault her mums a complete beeiitch 8O
  15. scalieback wrote
    Move it back to Wimbledon. It would certainly make tennis more interesting.

    " 2 warmers into Cliff Richard, the remainder at targets to your front"

    Am I the only one that is a bit disturbed that Horse Guards is being used for that pseudo sport nonsense- beach volleyball?

    Semi naked wimin are all well and good, but I view that place as hallowed ground as far as both the military and our war dead go.