12 months for cutting off hair?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Myss, May 12, 2006.

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    Ok, it was more forceful than just 'cutting', it seems he held her down and hacked it. In fact, the blonde locks were as long as the middle of her back and, going by the tv interview she gave this morning, she did seem either genuinely upset still or shy, one of the two. And reading the rest of the article about the other sentences, sounds like the honest public won't lose sleep with this type of fellow being out the way. But do you think its right?

    I've heard and read of unfortunate stories - especially RTA and those killed in RTA - where the punishment sometimes doesn't equate into months. One story that sticks in my head is where a driver who was speeding in an uninsured car and killed a grandfather and was given a few points on his license and a £75 fine. You get just a little less for driving in a bus lane let alone taking someone's life. 12 months for hacking off hair? :?
  2. It beggars belief, I was hit head on by a guy who bent down to pick up a news paper while driving a lorry and crossed the central reservation, striking my BMW motorcycle at around 30-40 MPH ( I had managed to brake but ran out of room!). I spent 12 days in a coma and 6 months in hospital and on crutches due to the 18 broken bones and various damaged organs. The guy got 5 points and £330 fine!

    I was told that I was lucky to be on a bike as my body was thrown clear, if I'd been in a car I'd be dead. The A13 was closed for 6 hours and the NHS must have spent £10,000s on my treatment. I have never walked or run properly again.

    Why can,t the punishment fit the crime?
  3. A little steep maybe, but if someone hacked off my hair I would be pretty pished and would want more pay back than a 'sorry'. Takes years for it to grow back!
  4. Because a criminals rights outweigh the rights of the victim.
  5. Seems like a guy who could do with some readjustment, but really - 12 months for hacking hair off, effectively 0 months for asaulting a policeman and criminal damage. Stunning!
  6. Yeah thats really bad.

    However the crime is punished according to the offence that is commited. I can't open the link so not overly sure what the full crack is. Thought it said though that he did get conivicted with the assult on the police officers? If that is coupled with the ABH then he hasn't doen too bad as s18 & 20 OAPA can carry life imprisonment.
  7. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    On April 11 last year, just before her 21st birthday, Miss Tether went to Cresswell's house, on Worcester Road, Netherton, Dudley and up to his bedroom where he was asleep. When she woke him, he pushed her down on the bed, produced the kitchen scissors, sat on top of her and cut off her ponytail.

    Sounds a bit wierd did he normally sleep with the kitchen scissors? And if she was seeing someone else why was going to his room?