12 Month rear party


Including PDT, pre-tour leave, The tour and POTL the rear party for the next Telic is a mindbending 385 days. Any sugestions on how to stop the twenty kids left over from signing off/going blind/throwing themselves under trains ?


Tie them up to spare bits of track so even if they try to get out the gates, they'll be knacked and give up.

Seriously, sh1t loads of adv. trg.

Make them organise it.


It depends where your based, what rank the guys are and what unit your at. If your down south then Yeovil helicoptor dunker is a good day trip or try getting on the navys fire fighting course down in pompey. We have loads of guys at my unit who just get abandonded on rear party and most end up signing off. Try placing them with another unit for some experience or put them in a REME wksp to help out. Get them qualified ECDL, drivers courses and fam. The more you get them on, the less you have to worry about them and when your unit gets back theyll be qualified and useful making you look good.


If you've got a REME Bn nearby, they'll probably end up on a 'lean line' - good for trade skills but not very intersting after a week or two apparently.
If they don't get sucked into that, get them to organise trips to museums or battlefields. Sounds dull but it will keep their minds active..
Obviously they'll need to get some work done too, so farming them off to non-deployed units.


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I would like to think that any boss worth his salt would plan to rotate deployed and rear-party in order to spread the load. I know this doesn’t account for the biffs and admin-excused but that’s life. All good, honest, fit to deploy troops should get a slice of the action.
385 days? That's a long time! I will be surprised if the unit left you alone for that length of time, though!

However, I agree with the others; work, mil trg, sport, adv trg, days out etc. Make them organise the bloody things, though, because you will quickly find out who is motivated and who isn't, AND you don't want to work your arrse off!

20 bods is few enough that you can put them round a table, and get them to dream up the ideas, form themselves into teams and deliver. Plan well in advance and structure the programme!

I would include the Tank Museum, REME Museum, Bovington Range viewing point and Army Aviation Museum. And the Gunners might allow you to view an AS90 firing practise if you ask nicely!

I wish you luck!

A trip to Warminster for the firepower Demo is interesting if you have never seen it before.

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