12 month mobilisation problems

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. Im currently waiting to deploy to afghanistan in a few days and I have just been told I might have to face the possibility of leaving theatre early as my mobilisation contract will run out during the tour.
    So give or take that means I will have to do a 5 1/2 months then return in time for de compression and demobilisation at chilwell. Im really annoyed as I asked my regular unit CoC as soon as i arrived in germany and i was told it would be sorted so I stay out with the rest of the blokes.

    Surely chilwell or whoever deals with these matters would be able to extend my contract if i wanted to. I don't like the fact im the last to deploy out of the TA lot I mobilised with and then back early. Why is my OC having such a hard time trying to get me and one other TA soldiers an extension onto our mobilisation if its our choice being volunteers. Mabey 12 months mobilisation isn't enough
  2. A friend of mine (TA) has recently returned from H14. She had to come back before the rest of the (Reg) Bn because she had been mobilised too early. No amount of pestering and pleading by anybody at any level could get it changed.
  3. im going to be in the same situation as your friend, its so frustrating that my friends are still going to be out there when im in the uk. I was mobilised a bit to early for this unit.
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I extended on during H10 and came home with the rest of the battalion. They offered it to all of us, but understandably only a few of us took it up.

    This was all handled in theatre as it was only part way through the tour that the early end of tour thing became apparent. It was one of he first mobilisations that had the extended pre-tour training with Regs built in as part of the mob.
  5. Yes, she wasn't very happy about it either. Nothing could be done though.
  6. i was on H10 and the same thing happened, i ended up going back at the 6month mark with some of the TA blokes but some stayed on by signing an extension, the extension didnt actually have an end date (they ended up keeping blokes on for the marches etc) but it doesnt sound like that would bother you.

    so they do exist but it was a royal **** about
  7. Nothing can be done about extending you untill you are in Theatre. The Ajt contacted Chilwell to sort the extension for me. Obviously they had to give valid resons for the extension and I suppose that will all fall down to the role you are in in Theatre, mine was specialised. It didn't take to long to sort out and all I had to do was sign some paperwork. I did the full PDT, full tour and full decompression in UK with the Regt. No dramas. I suppose it depends on if your Regt really want you
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    There wasn't any **** around with 2 Rifles. Those of us that opted for it were kept on until we got back. Three days afterwards the battalion went on a long weekend and we went to RTMC for demob. Some guys did stay on for the marches, but the rest of us, including the early end of tour guys, came back for the medals parade.

    Maybe we were all offered extensions because they hadn't provided for the contingency, whereas your battalion already has pax slotted to short tour at the back end?
  9. My experience was only in Banja Napa on Op PALATINE, but I was enjoying myself so much I applied to extend in theatre & did two back-to back tours totalling just over a year. All it needed was the CO & my signatures on a form held by SO3 G1.
  10. Personally I think the OC or adjt is either asking the wrong people or its all part of the plan. The regiment has alot of BCR's to hand, and our OC has said in his briefs he is keen as mustard to use them, so he might know he can extend it but would rather not to get his own blokes back in germany some operational experience. It sounds like he is pushing for it has he has told us TA lot he has gone obove chilwell to get answers, but considering chilwill deals with mobilisation shouldnt he keep on their case instead of someone else's. Im just rather disapointed as I was told I wouldn't need to worry but now im days from flying and I don't have a yes/no answer.
  11. No extensions will be given any more. This is to prevent problems back home with employers etc.
    This comes down from on high. PDT will be cut short so there will be more training at your units before hand.
    I can see their angle on this but its much better for a TA guy to do all the regular PDT and finish the tour together. But then you could argue whats the point of all the training at unit level for?
  12. It needs to be requested whilst you are in Theatre. If your regiment put across a good enough case for you to stay and you are needed then I'm sure it shouldn't be an issue. given your going in the fighting season your unit will probably need the BCR's to replace casualties so I wouldn't guess they will be toppers with people. Otherwise enjoy August in Cyprus and being fucked about between Brize and Chilwell.
  13. Completely understandable but I gave up my job to mobilise so trouble with employers shouldn't really come into it for myself.

    Cheers for replies I will just pester someone to death in theatre
  14. Become an irritant.

    If you haven't got tits it's often the only way.
  15. At least you got mobilised...

    Have a good tour, youth.