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12 month gap between Laser surgery and entry

Hey guys, Just a quick question for you:

The Army currently states that 12 months must have elapsed since you had Laser eye surgery.

My question is: Is this 12 month gap between the surgery and entry to Sandhurst, or between surgery and the start of the application process.

I have already passed my AOSB briefing and will be doing my main board in the summer after my Uni' finals, I had planned on going in to Sandhurst in the January 2010 batch. (all going well)
How did this go for you? I am also planning on doing the exact same things (just change the dates) although I havent done briefing yet. I have time to have eye surgery and then wait a year before briefing, as I am just starting my second year of uni. Although I would prefer to do AOSB earlier to get more fam visits in.

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