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Discussion in 'RLC' started by school_for_scoundrels, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. I heard today that whatever there is of 12 LSR in Gütersloh, are supposed to be getting packed up & off back to UK by JAN. 2012.

    If true, does anybody know if this was already scheduled or an SDSR drawdown fastball ?
  2. This may or may not be true. Duty rumour is that this will happen though in order to free up space in PRB.

    That said I also heard that 7 Regt were de-camping from Bielefeld and moving to Munster to take over from 8 Regt!!!
  3. It's called Project Attwood and is no longer a secret of Area 51 proportions.

    First troops move by 7 November, all to be completed by 16th December. Singlies (all ranks) to St David's Bks in Bicester, pads scattered around in a mixture of SFA's and private hirings. Start work proper in Abingdon on 09 Jan 12.

    Nowt to do with PRB and more to do with 12 LSR cohesion.
  4. Not too sure where that int of yours came from but from the view out my window there's not exactly any room at St David's and there's definitely no word of the Pioneers moving out.
  5. They're not moving out. I think you'll find that there just won't be as many of them as before. That's not a secret is it?
  6. My source is impeccable.

    Remember it's only a Sqn so numbers are not overly high.
  7. Not questioning your source however I just see it as being quite unlikely due to real estate especially housing, remembering that the defence munitions and search school is moving to Bicester very soon granted to St George's Bks but there's only one patch and its chocca blocked.
  8. Its only the singlies mate, and from Tom to Officer there's only 70 of them.

    Us pads are being scattered to the four winds in a mixture of SFA's and SSFA's (please God,please God!!).
  9. Are you sure it not St Georges barracks? There are 8 barrack blocks there, which cant have many people in them (16 regt left over a decade ago) and there was a Sgt mess just outside the front gates.
  10. As I said in my previous quote Stacker, St Georges has the Royal Engineers Defence Munitions and Search School moving in soon and the camps a building site for that at the moment. Asking around at St David's though it does seem possible that a Sqn could squeeze in although there is no rumour of it at the moment.
  11. If I remember rightly though each block has the space for for about 40 bods, so they still should plenty of room for a school + a lonely sqn of RLC singlies.
    It should be interesting if they are draining the pools in St Georges (the ones that were supposed to be used for fire hoses).
  12. I'm hearing (From 12 LSR lads) its all going pear shaped rapidly. On the bus, off the bus, no money for private hirings, the CO is as popular as genital warts.

    Anyone know whats going on? (Because 12LSR don't).
  13. Thats about the size of it, stacker.

    I know because I'm right in the firing line for questions from all parties.......

    Theres a high level meeting going on right at this moment where everything from going to staying and some crazy schemes inbetween are being mooted. We should find out either way today or tomorrow.

    The tension is palpable, believe me.
  14. So I'm still hearing, people canceling contracts, packing up, unpacking, sending familys ahead then being told not to be hasty. Someone has signed out the RLC Morale Dyson.
    Is it true that its the unit management fault or is it something else?
  15. So when exactly was the last time you graced St George's Bks? Do you know DEMSS throughput? BOWMAN Centre training?

    No, I thought not.

    There's far more than the 12 LSR bods scheduled to arrive in Bicester over the next few years and, rather like everything else in Defence right now, its all subject to major change at the last moment.

    Plus ca change.

    Oh, and there's a pool in St George's (well B Site actually) being filled right now - a dive pool........