12 lsr squadrons

Which squadrons in 12 lsr have fuelys? Im currently in phase 2 training at leconfield but im nearly done there and i need to put my preferred regiment choices in.

Thanks to anyone that helps.
Why don't you go and ask some of the permanent staff at Leconfield?, there is more than enough RLC personnel there to answer your question.

Why the obsession with fuel btw?
12 Regt doesn't have any fuellies. Not sure if it has any drivers qualified to transport fuel either.

I take it you seem to think there is some sort of kudos involved in holding an ADR and a Cert of Competence to operate tankers (which isn't worth shit in civvy street)? Either that or you think civvies earn a fortune driving tankers around?

I think you need to re-focus your priorities and stop worrying about being a tanker DRIVER at a location of your choice, because you, my son, are pissing into the wind!
If it's just about driving tankers I suggest you get the **** out and piss off to 2 MT where you'll fat (no spell check req'd) right in
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