12 Logistic Suport Regiment RLC, WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Scally, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Opps
  2. Hi Mate,

    Sqn of 12 LSR RLC have just arrived at Roberts Bks Osnabruck.

    Dont know which Sqn.

    Does anyone know how long they will be staying and is the whole Regt coming to Osnabruck.
  3. WOW something is happening then; of what I have gathered 2 Sqn’s and LAD are basing themselves on PRB. RHQ and HQ at Osnabruck and one Sqn back in the UK. They are staying at these locations till they move back to the UK in 2008.

    Well that’s what we were told about November time.
  4. Scally does raise a very good point! What is going on with 12 LSR and whilst we are at it the CSS Bn / Regt for 19 shite Brigade?
  5. Scally,

    Don't worry, things are afoot. The flag day was 4 Jul, the official start date of 12 LSR. You won't see Part 1s for a few days yet, but hang in there - you guys down in the Sloh, or indeed Abingdon, are not forgotten. RHQ/25 HQ Sqn is just getting itself sorted out with phones and DII, so watch this space.
  6. I see from this month’s Spunkstainer the Regt will be following the tradition of pointless Corps rag articles!

    …….still the CO and RSM are quite the dynamic duo; its almost a shame they were wasted on a Regt that won’t be operational for much of their tour!
  7. Can anyone explain why 19 Shite is a CSS Battalion as opposed to a Regt?
  8. FP.

    As you ask - 19 Lt Bde CSS Bn has now formed up and is prepping for operations later this year.

    Why is it a CSS Bn not a Regt? Who gives a toss? If you are sufficiently small minded to care about that one way or the other, probably best you don't worry too much about them at all.

    As for 19 Shite - highly amusing play on words. Sure the Brigade Commander would love you to give him a bell and discuss the clever trick you played there - why not give him a call?
  9. Well I can sleep better now knowing that some people from my unit are working to sort thinks out, shame that we now require DII to sort things out. Wonder how they used to do it before technology?! Maybe we should take a leaf out of the new Royal Regiment of Scotland’s book; they had all the admin sorted out before the Flag Day.

    Wonder how many new badges we are going have to stick onto our uniform……Watch this space!
  10. FP,

    I can't work out if you are being facetious with your dynamic duo comment, but just in case you are not, I think that good people like them will be needed to facilitate the cohesion of the disparate elements of the Regiment, especially in it's formative months. And the 'stainer article was written by someone from outside the Regiment, that's why it is apparently located in Wulfen rather than it's real HQ location.


    As for DII, unfortunately we can't go back. The resources that are required to run this sort of thing involve a significant IT input - if you want to get information or communicate outside your own barracks, it has to be done over DII or similar. I suspect this sort of thing was easier for the RRS Regiments as they probably have access to all kinds of resources whereas the RLC does not. That may explain why things like stationary is in such short supply. A good example is the recently amalgamated Duke of Lancaster's - they were showered with stuff to get them going.

    12 LSR is good for the Corps as a whole, for a variety of obvious reasons. Lad's accommodation is fairly decent and the HQ Sqn is in a good location.

    P.S. Number of new badges, so far, equals zero. Don't think there's any planned either.
  11. Thanks for your response; I assume that you are a member of 12 LSR also. If so, how are the lads and lasses getting on, I assume that the majority of RHQ and HQ Sqn have never worked together before, adding to the fact that the unit is new, it must be a little up hill struggle at first, but I am sure after a few weeks everything well run like clockwork. Where as for the other three Sqn’s 11, 43 and the one in the UK (Number alludes me at the moment) nothing has really changed for them, work as normal.

    But I have heard you are coming down to PRB for a meet and greet tomorrow. That should be good.

    If you are not a member of 12 LSR, I apologise for my ramblings!
  12. Nope, I was being uncharacteristically upbeat! I know one of them very well and one by reputation and all of its good!

    As to whether 19 CSS is a Regt or Bn, I would have thought that this was an indicator as to whether it was a REME or an RLC lead. That being the case its not really a small minded point, bearing in mind the formation of any new Regt opens new opportunities for cross rank LSNs; the allocation of which interests us all!
  13. I bloody well hope 12 LSR forms in time for the Yearly Poland fiasco, as you lot have been giving quite a sufficient role to play. Apparently with your available man power and vehicles you've been given the task to transport 2 flatracks of port 'a' Loos to the CSC, just hope the dynamic RSM and CO have a Drops licence!
  14. FP

    Then I retract my dismissive comment. COs will be rotational, REME/ RLC. 2IC currently RLC, ops offr due to be RLC and Adjt REME. All posts up for grabs and coming along nicely. Also have 'ali' black stable belts and snazzy 19 CSS rank slides- but no doubt the faceless dress committee will declare those unlawful and faly people alive for wearing something that encourages a corporate identity.