12 Log Sp Regt RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Bitter_and_Twisted, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Have seen some information on previous threads but nothing of any real substance.

    I am likely to be posted to 12 Log Sp Regt (HQ) early next year hence the question on here and not directly to the unit, until i receive my posting order.

    This seems to be a bit of an odd Regiment. Two Sqns in Gutersloh, HQ Sqn in Osnabruck and one Sqn in Abingdon?

    Does anybody know whether there any firm plans to co-locate the Regiment and if so where? Bearing in mind that there are some plans to close Osnabruck in the near future.

    Any other information appreciated.

    If any of the information is sensitive please feel free to P.M. me.

    Many thanks.
  2. Yes the are correct in saying the regiment is a little all over the place, but believe me it has more up sides than down…at the moment. 11 GS and 43 CS Sqns are based in PRB Gutersloh. Both of these Sqns originated from 1 and 2 LSR respectively. 6 CS Sqn based in Abbingdon are I believe, formed from 4 LSR. And then the baby in the regiment 25 Sqn are as shiny as they come. We are due to deploy on OP TELIC 11 next year, then when we return we are to move back to the UK; Catterick to be precise. However as we all know, things change. But considering 4 Bde are moving in entirety, back to the UK I would say we have a 99.9 % chance of moving with them.

    Hope this helps
  3. Scally,

    Please look in your Personal Messages.

  4. Catterick it is then!.....
  5. I once served in 12 Supply Regt RLC

    We had

    2 Squadrons in Wulfen
    1 Squadron in Warendorf (apologies for spelling)
    and 3 squadrons in the UK (can't remember where)

    must want to spread it around.
  6. 12 LSR are going to Catterick to be part of 19 Mech Bde.

    It's a done deal.
  7. No it isn't. 19 Mech Bde no longer exist - they are now a Light Brigade who are moving to NI/ Scotland. 4 Mech bde will move to Catterick in 08 and 12 LSR will support them.
  8. I stand corrected.

    They are going back to UK though - to Catterick.
  9. Good news, with the pending move of 8 Regt to Germany, we will still have a mainstream RLC Regiment in the North East. Good news for the Corps i say!
  10. Try agin all ill informed, ABINGDON it is!!!
  11. am just about to get posted to 12 lsr in germany. iam just waiting on my final med. however i seem to be the only one going to this regt.
  12. Very old post so this is a long shot, found this by searching 12 sup regt rlc form a service record
    I own a Land Rover 110 that was posted with this unit for 3 years 11/09/95 to 20/07/98. Anyone recall 16kj73? Even better, anyone have a photo of it? Thanks, Greg
  13. Would have been 12 Supply Regiment, not 12 Logistic Support Regiment. 12 LSR was created in 2006 and disbanded in 2013