12 Dead In Pakistani Taliban Naval Base Attack

Pakistan: Karachi Naval Aviation Base Stormed By Gunmen, 12 People Killed In Attack | World News | Sky News

The Pakistani Taliban has said it was behind an attack on a Karachi naval base that has claimed at least 12 lives and destroyed naval aircraft.

Militants stormed the Mehran naval air base in the southern city of Karachi, starting fires and setting off explosions.

It triggered gunbattles with commandos inside one of the country's most heavily guarded military installations.

In the last few hours eight explosions have been heard from the complex as 30 troops reinforce more than 100 commandos battling the militants.

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It has recently been announced that the Pak naval base at Gwadar(built by the Chinese),is to be offered to the same nation,as a base for their fleet.The Chinese will be interested as it then gives them direct access to The Gulf.However,it will probably also upset the US?


War Hero
There would appear to be a lot of Pak/Chinese collaboration. Which could quite possibly result in the best takeaway ever.
Or, even better, the Chinese could repeat the treatment given to the Tamils to our friends in the Tribal Areas.

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