Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. As a reasonable person I do not get wound up to often.
    However the BBC World Business Report has just stated that to improve the Krauts Budget situation The Krauts are going to spend the money given by the Marshall Plan back in late 40 to assist Shroders Government. 12 billion euros now, with intrest earn over they years.
    I understand and please correct me if I am wrong the UK is not due to finish paying off our WW II debts to the US of A until 2014.
    john feling werryy pizzed off.
  2. Vonshot

    Vonshot War Hero

    ????? do you mean they never spent the money?
  3. semper

    semper LE

    the American could have loaned us the reconstruction money interest free :roll:

    some members of the cabinet (1945) was oppossed to it including Barbera Castle, interestingly the eastern european countries managed to pul their socks up with even more limited means, ok so East Germany was the best country, it was in a far better shape than some African countres.
  4. I have the TV on in the backdround when I am on the net.
    Latest 'silly', BBC World service news.
    Yesterday the EU decided to cut/abolish subsidies for 'Suger Beet', now this would help African and other zero economy farmers compete more fairly on world markets.
    Now The Beeb is saying that the big producers like Austrailia and Brazil will scoop the market for they can produce cheapest.
    john throwing hands in air.
  5. Oddbod

    Oddbod LE

    No country, or manufacturer should be subsidised to produce anything.

    At the same time, no country should have protectionist policies, or any form of institutionalised favouratism towards more expensive home-produced goods.

    International patents, intellectual property rights & copyrights should be vigorously enforced.

    The last part would see China revert to an agrarian economy.

    The first part would see many European farmers go to the wall.

    Personal greed will ensure the status quo.

  6. Sugar Beet is on a quota system in Europe as it is, theres no direct subsidy but there is a limit on the amount of sugar that can be imported into the EU.
  7. Walther

    Walther LE

    Yep. The German Adenauer government in the 1950s decided to invest the Marshall plan money and just use the interest generated and succeeding governments handled the issue the same way. Just the fact that there was a huge nest egg gave the German economy enough confidence to power the "Wirtschaftswunder" (Economic miracle) of the 1950s-1060s.

  8. Goku

    Goku Guest

    So they invented time travel?? :wink:
  9. Walther

    Walther LE

    OOOPS! ;-) (Should read 1950s-1960s)

  10. semper

    semper LE

    mm wonder why we didnt do the same thing ?
  11. Walther

    Walther LE

    This problem was known before. The cutting of agrarian subsidies doesn´t help the poorest countries most, but the middle range countries like Brazil, which have a decent infrastructure but can still manufacture cheaper due to their lower wages (labour costs).